Many do NOT attain to faith, even fewer to the heavenly kingdom

February 23, 2020

Catholics have a tendency to believe that if they’re Catholic, then they are saved. Obviously, this is not true.  Due to the great difficulty in coming to the Church today, pride has become an ever greater enemy of Catholics in these latter days. We are instructed by the saints that this danger will be still …

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The Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel

February 16, 2020

The Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel is a must to learn for all Catholics in these days of the great apostasy and the short time we are now in of Antichrist. As St. Paul teaches in Ephesians 6:12 “For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the …

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Latter Day Friendship is Difficult

February 15, 2020

This week one dear soul from overseas raised the question about whether we are to hold any company whatsoever with sinners. That is, can we be friends with sinners? St. Alphonsus and many of the saints have much to say on the matter, but here we offer only a little. First Point. Friendship is difficult, …

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Caution: “Catholic” Men in Texas Promote the “Pope” in Rome

February 9, 2020

Senior Clergy in Rome? Check out this quote from a recent email by a supposed Catholic leader of a Texas “shrine” to his blind sheep: “This is why it is imperative that the historic, original electors of the Pope, the clergy of the local Church of Rome (in this case, the very senior Roman clergy) elect a …

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He Sat on Jesus’s knee

February 3, 2020

3rd Pope after St Peter. Thrown to the lions. Sat on Jesus’s knee when Christ said to the Apostles, “Suffer the little children to come to me and do not hinder them.” Isn’t that so cool? “And he was devoured by lions in the roman amphitheater. The wild beasts left nothing of his body, except …

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Good Advice from the Saints

Advice from the saints on a daily or weekly basis is always a good thing. This is what St. Alphonsus taught his flock during one fourth Sunday after the Epiphany: When the winds are strong and violent, the pilot lowers the sails and casts anchor. So, when we find ourselves assailed by any bad passion, …

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Mary Assists Her Servants in Purgatory

January 26, 2020

by ST. ALPHONSUS LIGUORI Too happy are the servants of this most kind mother, since not only in this world they are aided by her, but also in purgatory they are assisted and comforted by her protection. For succor being there more needed, because they are in torment and cannot help themselves, so much the …

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While all the Protestants were stabbing us in the back–Pearls of truth fell from Heaven

January 22, 2020

And they remained apart from us and do to this day, weakening God’s one and only true Church, and no one helped our Catholic brethren in Mexico either during this time, not even wicked American “Catholics” (bishops who should have known better), as the Communist horde mercilessly descended upon those poor, simple people. The true …

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The Time Has Come to Prepare for the Nine Day Novena to Our Lady of Good Success

The Time Has Come to Prepare for the Nine Day Novena to Our Lady of Good Success “They will have recourse to Me under the invocation of Our Lady of Good Success and this statue I now ask and command that you have made for the consolation and preservation of My Convent and for those …

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What if everything you believe is a LIE?

What if everything you believe is a LIE? What if the earth doesn’t move or go around the sun? What if it was right NOT to alter the time immemorial policy of Catholic nations NEVER to grant Citizenship and the right to vote and the right to participate in the political process of Catholic nations …

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