No wonder God killed all but 8

January 15, 2020

No wonder God killed everyone in the world the first time around, save 8 people. Can you blame Him?

Holy scripture says it got so bad, that no one was thinking about Him, even for a little while, and He just couldn’t allow it anymore, in fact, the only time His name was even mentioned was to take it in vain.

Well, here we are again.

If you have ever read the Bible, even the comic book version of which is a very accurate but a faster read, man’s relationship with God was like a roller coaster. Close to Him, then far, then God would chastise them and bring them to their knees, and then the cycle would begin again and again and again until man got so evil that humanly speaking, man could not get back to God and so He ended the world. All we can do today is try to keep the faith as best we can and try to be like Noah’s family and like Abraham’s family—faithful Catholics forced to live among demons which surround us on every side in the form of disordered, truly Godless and un-Catholic men. Noah, Abraham, Lot, and King David maintained the faith by remembering it, keeping it alive and by making little home made altars with ordinary things and praying with their families—- we now must do the same and hopefully, like Noah, Abraham, Lot, and King David, God will notice  us too and protect us like He protected them.         Blessed Mother, help us. Amen

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