First they pull 500,000 truth videos off YouTube

March 12, 2020

First they pull 500,000 truth videos off YouTube (I was gonna call it something else) a few months ago–so no one can research truth or share truthful content to find out what is really going on–then they changed the algorithms so when you look up white, -u get black and all the related black videos–THEN they announce a global hoax–men landing on the moon–oops–fast forward–the Corona virus–go look on the back of a Lysol or Clorox Wipes u have around the house purchased 2 years ago. Does it not say “Corona virus”?

Perhaps this is why the snakes have returned to Ireland.

“This unfortunate incident occurred ahead of St. Patrick’s Day, which makes the bite ominous – as according to legend, the patron saint of Ireland performed a miracle that banished all the venomous snakes from the island almost 1,500 years ago, using nothing but his faith.”

“According to The Irish Post, a 22-year-old man from Dublin was sent to Connolly Hospital due to a venomous snakebite – which is believed to be the first such case ever recorded in the country. The hospital had to ask the National Reptile Zoo for an anti-venom, as only this facility has the right to house it in Ireland – but even they had to request it from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the United Kingdom, the RTE reported.”

“This should come as no shock, given the recent Irish VOTE to legalize abortion and sodomite ‘marriage’ in a nation no longer officially Roman Catholic.”

Did you also know that Saint Corona is the Saint of epidemics?

“Thinking means connecting things” – GK Chesterton, Catholic.

When God came in the flesh to found His great society, the Catholic Church, the Father’s believed it to have been the height of Satan’s power and wickedness—-murder was in peoples’ hearts (ie- the women caught in adultery parable), cruelty (the Romans), and liars everywhere. It is also said that in the last days, which we are in now–the Great Apostacy, the world will return to it’s ancient paganism, murder, cruelty, and liars and who do we have for Senators and Congressmen?

Get a penny Catechism and just return to the simple faith and keep the faith.

Fear is from the devil.

Pope St Gregory the Great, whose feast is today said a true Catholic rejoices when he hears of the end of the world, “for we know this is not the life–that we are made for better things to come in the next.”

“Fear not little flock, for all these things must happen before my return” and when He returns, He will not again come as the lamb like the first time around, but this time, as a roaring Lion in order to devour all His enemies outside the Catholic church.

“I love those who love me” and my favorite:

“as to all those who would not have me reign over them, bring them here before me and murder them.”

How’s that for a wishy-washy Novus Ordo Jesus Christ?

Yes, I didn’t believe it either, but look it up–you will find it–i think that was in Luke.

Learn to do some studying on your own and ….

Be Catholic. Stay HOME.

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