Ashamed to be happy this Christmas

December 24, 2019

I feel like we today are suffering from the cowardice of American Catholics who didn’t help our poor Mexican brothers in the 1920’s, our Spanish brothers in the 1920’s and 1930’s and our German brothers in Germany in the 1940’s when they were trying to fight Communism.

Shame on all the clergy and also for Pope Pius 12,

I am ashamed to be happy this Christmas since more truth is now being revealed.

Why didn’t the Catholic priests and the Popes since 1800 warn the Catholic faithful that one other “religion” in the world’s goal is to exterminate us? Thanks for warning us In 1967, thanks to Robert and Ted Kennedy and Senator Jacob Javits, the Immigration Act of 1967 was passed stopping Northern European Immigration and exponentially ramping up immigration from every other country in the world containing people who hate Jesus Christ while we all watched Gilligan’s Island, That Girl, The Flying Nun, The Rifleman, The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, The Brady Bunch, The Six Million Dollar Man, and All in the Family. Shame on us all.

Soon, 96 percent of all persons in the USA will not believe in Christmas or the Catholic faith and it will be outlawed. You heard it here first. Go to and put in everything you can from WW2 and also General George Patton, who, by his own words, “destroyed the best race in all of Europe”. WHY DIDN’T HE KNOW? Because Communists controlled all the US newspapers and radio stations in 1930, always promoting the mass murderer Stalin (look up the Russian Holmadore) and for literally declaring WAR on Germany. Now its the end game.

Lucifer is ruling you now. Your food is GMO, your water has cancer causing fluoride and toxic chlorine, your air is aluminum chem-trailed, your medical doctors are Godless monsters who never cure but drug the symptoms, your Catholic Church has been usurped by a bunch of idol loving, Koran-Kissing, Pachamama-loving, demons led by a Comrade in Papal attire since 1958. Shame on us all. One priest from Boston in 1942 began to preach like St. Francis Xavier and he was supported by Cardinal Segura of Toledo, Spain and Fr.; Joaquim Sans y Arriaga of Mexico. And that was it.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen RAN from the Dogma ‘no salvation outside the Church’ and expressly told the St. Benedict Center, “you can use my materials, but I don’t want my named associated with your center.” For all the good things he taught, and he did, He told all religions to go back to their homes and have a Holy Hour and pray to their respective Gods instead of telling them the truth: That if we all do not get down on our knees and convert and worship THE ONE TRUE CATHOLIC GOD, we are all doomed. Go down to the local mall now and see if you can find on respectable white person besides yourself who is not white trash or just dressed like a pig with no Catholic dignity at all. Why didn’t the popes tell us that it is other people’s RELIGION to exterminate us? Yes, you heard me, EXTERMINATE.

Further, THE WORD ‘APOCALYPSE’ means to UNCOVER THE TRUTH OR REVEAL THE TRUTH and with the advent of first YOUTUBE and now BITCHUTE.COM, are we not living in Apocalyptic times when torrents of truth are just pouring out of our computers………….surely the end must be near…but in the meantime, the only thing true Catholics can rejoice in this Christmas is that we know the truth; the hard part is trying to remain in a state of Grace without confession and always literally living in a pornographic bookstore if you own a computer. God help us all.

Confession with no accountability to any other human person, from week to week. Truly, only the good die (innocent) and young. Merry Christmas and try to spread the TRUE faith as best you can, but do not be discouraged if our own family spits on you, your own children do not honor you or even call to wish you a Merry Christmas and stick their finders in their ears…”

For this year, I will wish you a blessed Christmas for being in the true stay at home Catholic Church but not a merry Christmas. Blessed.

Use this Christmas with your family to wake your loved ones up. We take for granted the freedom of speech we have now in the privacy of our homes—but for how long?

Blessed Christmas to you all and to all a good night.
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