November 15, 2019


PEOPLE SEARCHING FOR THE TRUE RELIGION figure out that Jesus was really something special and they wonder if He truly was who He said He was: GOD. Then they may remember that He founded only ONE Church and so they resolve to go to that church which today is called the “novus ordo missae” the new order of the mass or the novus ordo or what you call “the catholic church”.

Despite our Lord’s enemies deliberately making the Catholic Church look like something a normal person would not want to join today, people who do go there start to pray the rosary and begin to go to the false counterfeit ‘catholic mass” , but at the same time, they start obtaining graces not from the fake mass, but from their disposition on simply GOING and praying. If they are of good will, they will study the Saints and Catholic history and the Catholic rulers, Kings and Queens and Knights. Hopefully, they will realize the true Mass was said in Latin for 1900 years with the priest keeping his back turned on the people and facing God; today it’s the other way around, where the “priest” LITERALLY turns his back on God.

However, the more a new parishoners studies and prays and the more rosaries they say, the more increased zeal for God they will acquire such that after a time, they may become outraged that people are touching having communion in the hand when they know that “only sacred hands may touch the host. St.Thomas Aquinas”, and so, instead of standing and taking communion in the hand, they begin to kneel and insist the host be placed on their tongue, etc. They are growing in the faith!

In time, they wish to see a Latin Mass and leave the novus ordo and try the indult parish Latin mass or the CMRI or other Latin Mass societies and in time, they are growing stronger in their love for God and hopefully, they will live long enough to progress to where their faith will be so strong, and their intellect so sharp by having, perhaps renounced watching CABLE AND TV, etc, they will realize the only place to be on Sundays is HOME! for all the reasons we know. Amen.

Therefore, God brings good out of evil and that is WHERE I STARTED; THAT IS WHERE I MET GOOD FRIENDS WHO I KEEP IN CONTACT WITH TO THIS DAY! Friends who helped me grow in the faith and learn as we, together ‘climbed up the ranks” from the invalid novus ordo to the indult Latin mass to the independent priest etc to finally, HOME.

Yes, we all stay home now. We all hold baptism is required for salvation and know how to defend it. We have helped each other and we still do. God allowed us to find each other and to help each other and now we help anyone who will listen.

So if i had a magic wand and i could just ERASE ALL THE TRAD CHAPELS and independent priests and even the Novus Ordo, the only way i would do it is if i could turn back the clock to 1945, but we cant so i would not erase all these sects, because they can and they do lead a soul to the true Catholic Church today, which is home. In other words, to be IN the true Catholic Church today, you have to be physically OUT of it! (break with the Vatican 2 sect).

Deo gratias.

+Feast of St. Albert the Great


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