By a Father

March 20, 2020

Do you know why I think our Lord loves it when I pray the mass on my knees (by reading the mass in the 1945 Missal) at home, all by myself, kind of like a priest but of course, I would never dare attempt to consecrate -just take a spiritual communion? Because He is a Father too and as a Father, when I saw our boys and daughter kneel and pray, long ago, at the real Mass, it melted my heart so much that I could have forgiven them anything and  everything and all their sins, no matter how bad—-and I think this may be the way God feels too when He sees us honoring Him in this way, and in sincere gratitude for all He has done for us–and THIS, I believe, is how pleasing this most holy action is to our Lord. That is all.    Genesis 3:15

St. David did the same thing and when God smelled his incense, holy scripture says THAT is when he touched God’s heart.

We may not be able to offer our Lord His only Son substantially, but we can still offer Him incense–Ad Majorem Dei Glorium (AMDG: For the greater glory of God)

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