Nick just gets back from Rome reporting on the Papal Christmas “mass” aka

December 26, 2019

Also known as THE most dismal and joyless “mass” of the year.

The greatest event in the history of the world, the Incarnation and it was just so MOROSE!

And, if a  picture is worth a 1000 words, look at the two photos below—perhaps you might use it to show the little ones in a game of “What’s wrong with this picture?”.

Yes, believe it or not, he is still carrying the “Broken” or “Bent” Cross used by real Satanists in the 5th Century and 6th centuries (today on display in the “Witch Museum” in Bayonne, France). Piers Compton was the first to write a superb book on the subject entitled, what else?— “The Broken Cross.”

Also, notice how Francis has no crucifix around his neck and so as not to be outdone, neither does every single “cardinal” and “bishop” and “priest” attending and all I can say to that is the words of our Lord:

“Blessed is he who is not ashamed of me” and I got to tell ya, these dudes are NOT blessed.

This is Nick, reporting from Rome…

O yes, and I had to just laugh out loud, naturally, screaming at the TV—as Francis approaches the Masonic table with the Bent Cross whereby the announcer just had to say,  “a small bit of information, the pope had a choice of papal crosses to carry and he chose the papal cross of ‘”SAINT” JOHN PAUL 2’ so as to show he is maintaining continuity”.

O man!

Yes, we know only too well he most certainly is!

I also loved how only about 3 women in the entire congregation at St Peters veiled themselves and the camera man kept panning back to this ONE woman at least 25 times.

Then Francis, of course, utters a few words in Latin to “reaffirm” his “orthodoxy” and all again is right with the world. (I actually have a video someplace where in the last year they actually sang a hymn to Satan during a papal “mass” and apparently, someone recorded it and posted it on youtube).


Ok then—-

O, I almost forgot. As Francis walked down the aisle, I thought it very curious that not ONE person made the sign of the Cross as Francis and His broken cross proceeded by.


“Let those who have eyes see”.

Happy New year but I’m afraid nothing is going to be new with the Vatican 2 sect other than more apostacy and Koran kissing and idol worship.

God will not be mocked.

Its just WHEN He is going to lower the BOOM, I just don’t know.

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