Triduum 2019

April 19, 2019

The arrogant rabble of the day of His Crucifixion has grown louder.  Like at that time, today His murderers cry out to finish off Jesus, still living today on earth among His small remnant.

True disciples, let us do penance now, since He has suffered for us. Let us share His sufferings, and remember, unto these final days he stretches out His arms to us.

We need not disturb the silence on these holy days, except to say with sadness ‘almost no one thinks of my gentle Jesus when he died.’

Do you see His Holy Mother, who kisses Him? How bitter was her sorrow that she endured for us! On His face she saw only spittle and blood.  Gone was His beauty and grace. How did she endure that change for us?  That one made up by His gashes, dislocated arms, caked blood wounds, pierced hands and feet?

Let our sorrow be mingled with hers.  Let us put all our trust in His sacred side to avoid the vengeance of God the angry Father. Let us live in the tomb with Him far from the world and acquire a new heart.

For nothing is safe apart from this.  Even the succession of His apostles in the last century, when they failed here, fell victim to the wiles of that ancient servant called the devil.  Blind that they were, and leaders of the blind, they fell victim to his cunning ways and perverted the eternal concept of truth and the true nature of the religious sentiment and faith of the Savior.  Now, we have no Shepherd and the flock has been dispersed. (Matthew 24)

Let us all continue to make our hideaway secure to the end. We are for a time, as it was in the beginning, invisible hidden in homes, in mountains, in lurking places.  We are all but swept away from the face of the earth.

Sinners, by our offenses, we make Mary and Jesus innocent victims. Let us never again sin. Trust not your minds. Sever not members from the vine, when they were fine.  Require no unnecessary choice to make. When the creed they knew for God’s sake. Hide instead, and be safe.  I say again, let us hide.

Let us hide instead, within His sacred side, prepared for us by the soldier’s lance, where we shall be safe within. Let us quiet ourselves on our knees at this time, without any distractions, and joyfully serve God.

O pitiful Jesus, Forgive us our sins. We are the ones who deserve these afflictions. O Mary, obtain for us forgiveness from your Son. We want to change our lives. Despise not these petitions but answer our contrite hearts so we may live the Gospels according to its counsel and laws.

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