What if everything you believe is a LIE?

January 22, 2020

What if everything you believe is a LIE?
What if the earth doesn’t move or go around the sun?
What if it was right NOT to alter the time immemorial policy of Catholic nations NEVER to grant Citizenship and the right to vote and the right to participate in the political process of Catholic nations to people, who by definition, have no country of their own and who admittedly have no loyalty to the Christian nation in which they reside? People, who if allowed the chance, want to literally rule the world?
What if there really is but one true Church (UNIVERSAL), divinely instituted by God for the salvation of all men everywhere,  outside of which no one at all can be saved—The true pre-Vatican. II CATHOLIC CHURCH? (Faith).
The Perfect Faith, for did not our Lord command,
“Be CATHOLIC! As your Father in Heaven IS CATHOLIC” ?
There is no other perfect way to worship God as Our Blessed Lord requested, referring to the HOLY SACRIFICE of the Mass….(With respect to the true Canonized Tridentine Catholic Latin Mass of St Pope Pius V):
Our Lord said:
“Do THIS in memory of me”.
And therefore “this”, we believe,  is the ONLY acceptable Sacrifice/Prayer that all men today must at least pray every Sunday if they are able.
And this is what is wrong with Protestants and that is why they have never been effective against subduing the ‘Crucifiers of the Lord’. Why?
Because they lack the Supernatural assistance from the true God–the Catholic God-the Perfect God.
So “What if?”
What if?
Then you would be right.
Keep the true Pre-Vatican ll Catholic Faith, outside of which, no one at all is saved.
Ps-division and disunity among Protestants feeds the crucifiers of Christ and all his enemies. Abjure your heresies and come back to the true faith at truecatholics.org.  Protestants cannot understand prophecy without having a perfect faith. The true faith-the Catholic faith.
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