What is mission impossible?

November 2, 2019


Did you ever try to convert someone in the Novus Ordo. Does not their eyes actually GLOW? Truly the maxim was written for these poor, deluded souls and that is “None so blind as those who will not see” and GK Chesteron, “They cant be told of the solution because they do not know the problem” or something like that.

If anyone has any novus ordo conversion stories to the true stay at home Catholic Church, do let us know. I used to literally beg and bribe my past friends to the indults and the CMRI “true canonized masses”, etc. and they were beautifully done in old, venerable, once truly Catholic Churches with once truly Catholic priests of God. One lady i knew stood there and watched THE most beautiful Mass i had every seen in one of the oldest Catholic Churches in the United States, never changed since it was first built in the 1900’s — gorgeous statuary, stained glass windows, perfect all male Gregorian chant, the beautiful and salutatory odor of Catholic incense, and after it was all over, she was literally freaking out firmly believing she had not been to Mass as it was so quiet!!! She never went back again, in fact, EVERYONE i literally dragged to that Church and others like it NEVER came back. Frankly, the only repeat customers i ever got were the ones i first prayed the Holy Mass prayers with at my home before a small, make-shift, humble altar, incense, candles, bells, and we took a spiritual communion. since that time, these people have their own home altars and stay home and pray the true Canonized Mass. One said ‘this is beautiful; this is the right thing to do”.

If you can, try to pray the Holy Canonized Mass of St Pope Pius V every single morning after a nice cup of coffee. You will then understand and many times, like St. John of the Cross, you wont even want to leave “Him whom my soul loveth and i will not let Him go”
+Feast of All Souls
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