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EVEN CLUELESS PEOPLE EVENTUALLY SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH AND USUALLY START WITH THE NEW COUNTERFEIT “VATICAN 2” “CATHOLIC” CHURCH PEOPLE SEARCHING FOR THE TRUE RELIGION figure out that Jesus was really something special and they wonder if He truly was who He said He was: GOD. Then they may remember that He founded only ONE …

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Is the New Mass ok to offer, attend, or even be present at?

Q. Is the New Mass ok to offer, attend, or even be present at? A. ABSOLUTELY NOT! The New Mass IS “The Abomination of Desolation” spoken of in Daniel and has already been infallibly and irrevocable CONDEMNED by the infallible and IRREVOCABLE Papal Bull of SAINT POPE PIUS V, entitled Quo Primum, dated July 14, …

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When I was at a very low point in my life

When I was at a very low point in my life, I copied the various exorcism prayers and Litany of Loretto  and also the Litany of St Joseph and of the Sacred Heart as well as the original St Michael prayer, long version. I prayed them all into an audio cassette tape which I just …

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The purpose of religion is to restore order in the world

The purpose of religion is to restore order in the world. The Catholic Church is and was the ONLY society established by God Himself to organize goodness, purity, truth and morality and to also be the force by which to reach every country in the world and this is why the Protestants and the Greeks …

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WHAT IS MISSION IMPOSSIBLE? YES, TRYING TO CONVERT A NOVUS ORDO CATHOLIC TO THE TRUTH Did you ever try to convert someone in the Novus Ordo. Does not their eyes actually GLOW? Truly the maxim was written for these poor, deluded souls and that is “None so blind as those who will not see” and …

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“But they loved the darkness rather than the light”

“But they loved the darkness rather than the light” We put  white Christmas candle lights in all our home windows and fashioned a big, thin  Cross in white Christmas lights on our front upstairs window glowing brightly for all to see which window is above a main street for All Saints/Souls day and not orange …

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The Devil hates 2 things– Making a slow and reverent sign of the Cross, The true Mass of St Pope Pius V and the traditional Holy Rosary, therefore, these are the things we must do without ceasing.Also:Q. What is required to be a stay at home Apostle of the Holy Mass prayers?A. Setting up a …

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Movie List for Catholics

THE MIRACLE OF MARCELINO movie and THE RELUCTANT SAINT: the true story of St. Joseph of Cupertino – Two superb movies– MUST SEE OR YOUR NOT A CATHOLIC Brother Sun Sister Moon – caution: There is one scene that you will have to cover up the TV for a second- When St Francis removes his …

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Nick’s 1st post

Not many Catholics stay home today. Most frequent all the various chapels, especially the indult masses, the SSPX, or the CMRI or other “ABC Groups” of which I personally supported and was apart until I grew stronger and more knowledgeable in the Faith and on my journey, I learned a lot and suffered a great deal. Everyone today seem to …

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