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What if the media did not say ONE word?

What if the media did not say ONE word–what would have likely happened with this new kind of flu? NOTHING Some people would have felt they had the flu and taken vitamin C and rest and got cured. 80,000 people die every year from the flu– most get well. This is absolutely CRIMINAL when mankind …

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By a Father

Do you know why I think our Lord loves it when I pray the mass on my knees (by reading the mass in the 1945 Missal) at home, all by myself, kind of like a priest but of course, I would never dare attempt to consecrate -just take a spiritual communion? Because He is a …

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Georgia Guidelines–the 10 Commandments of Lucifer.

If everyone didn’t listen to Voltaire and his ilk, we wouldn’t be in this mess today. It was too difficult to keep the Commandments and so man weakened the Catholic church–now you shall be under the Georgia Guidelines–the 10 Commandments of Lucifer. True Catholics must keep trying–dont give up.

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Corona Virus Action Plan for True Catholics

There are two things true Catholics we know are going to begin doing, and we encourage you to do the same: 1. The letters I.H.S. refer to the Holy Name of Jesus and stand for “Iesus Hominum Salvator” meaning “Jesus Savior of Man”. Write these letters over the doors of your offices and homes (perhaps …

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Going to a cashless society

I’m getting some replies that that man, Joe Ambriano, is correct, at least other Catholics whose opinion I value say he is right. This “virus”, which is a hoax, may also be the excuse to remove paper money from circulation too and go to a cashless society like in the late John Vennari’s audio I …

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80,000 people died of the flu last year

80,000 people died of the flu last year. 100 people in USA- What do u make of all this? I think if they did the same thing last year with the 80,000, people would be taking cyanide. The media is in the hands of demons.

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First they pull 500,000 truth videos off YouTube

First they pull 500,000 truth videos off YouTube (I was gonna call it something else) a few months ago–so no one can research truth or share truthful content to find out what is really going on–then they changed the algorithms so when you look up white, -u get black and all the related black videos–THEN …

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He Sat on Jesus’ knee

3rd Pope after St Peter. Thrown to the lions. Sat on Jesus’s knee when Christ said to the Apostles, “Suffer the little children to come to me and do not hinder them.” Isn’t that so cool? “And he was devoured by lions in the roman amphitheater. The wild beasts left nothing of his body, except …

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While all the Protestants were stabbing us in the back–Pearls of truth fell from Heaven

And they remained apart from us and do to this day, weakening God’s one and only true Church, and no one helped our Catholic brethren in Mexico either during this time, not even wicked American “Catholics” (bishops who should have known better), as the Communist horde mercilessly descended upon those poor, simple people. The true …

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