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Rebuttal to TBenns’ attack on TrueCatholics website

Rebuttal to TBenns’ attack on TrueCatholics website Introduction: Teresa Benns (aka TBenns) does three things in her February 12, 2020 article against TrueCatholics that we regret: make a false accusation against true Catholics, misquotes us, and denies a fundamental Catholic dogma. We are a small but growing group of men and women who take our …

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True Face of False Pope: Hitting, Mocking and Scolding

Francis Rebuff in a game of make a fool out of would-be Catholics, while his false cardinal lakey cracks up at the mockery he makes.   Francis hits a Chinese woman repeatedly, like a true false pope would do Francis the selfish scolds with rabid indigination one he calls selfish  

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This Book Stopped the Beatification of Paul VI

What is the significance of this book? PAUL 6 MOTHER’S GRAVE SYMBOLS Father Luigi Villa was commissioned by Padre Pio and given a papal mandate from Pope Pius XII to dedicate his life to defend the Catholic Church from the work of Freemasonry – most especially Ecclesiastical Freemasonry. Padre Pio warned Father Villa, in their …

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The Novus Ordo MUST Accept ALL of Vatican II

Vatican II intended Catholics to believe it was Infallible True Catholics know that Vatican II taught heresies and other errors. There are many false Catholics who know the same. These are the ones who stay within the membership of the Novus Ordo, by one means or another, while deny they are bound to believe the …

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Novus Ordo Service Photo Gallery

  Novus Ordo Service Photo Gallery   The Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Nature of the Novus Ordo Service The following is a summary of Novus Ordo services (here called “Novus Ordo Messes”), since July 7, 2007, misleadingly termed the “Ordinary” rite, that have been described in TRADITIO Network’s Daily Commentaries from the Fathers department. If it was not clear …

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Heresies of the false Vatican II “Council”

Vatican II was a non- catholic heretical council called by False pope John XXIII and took place between 1962 and 1965. It was solemnly promulgated and confirmed by False pope Paul VI, on Dec. 8, 1965 (in spite of what many of the defenders of Vatican II say). However, it was not a true general …

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The Case Against Roncalli a.k.a. John XXIII

Introibo Ad Altare Dei (This article is shared from (the blog link is in the body of the text as well as foun here: I learn quite a lot thanks to my readers. Each week in the comments section, there are many good discussions. Most are on the same topic as the post, …

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