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Artificial Intelligence & the loss of Freedom

As the 2000s rolled in NEW-fear and false events became the norm for world-wide and national news. Early on, many were able to cover the false news events which resulted in a huge awakening coupled with already upward shifting human consciousness. As A.I. started to come online so did mass censorship and much of the …

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Science is good but scientism isn’t

Science is good but scientism isn’t. Science looks at the cosmos objectively, indeed scientifically. Scientism doesn’t. Science, in the broadest sense of the word, derived from the Latin scientia, simply means “knowledge”. Science is good, whether we understand it in the older, broader sense of the word or the newer, narrower sense. Scientism, on the other …

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The Earth is in the center of the Universe

We are not suggesting that geocentrism (earth in the center) is a Church dogma; but we are saying we believe it is true. Novus Oro Catholic Heliocentrism Lie What if? What if there was a deception so wicked, you quit believing in the Bible? Look, here’s the truth: In the beginning God created heaven, and …

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The earth is ONLY 6000 Years Old

Atheistic and Scientifically literate people tend to say the earth is about 4½ billion years old. Catholics for most of the history of the Church answered that it is little more than 6,000 years old. Why the difference? We look at the same world but come to different conclusions because our worldviews are different. How …

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Evolution is only a Theory. It is not a fact.

It cannot be proven. It requires an earth which is billions of years old.  The earth is not billions of years old.  And NO one can prove it otherwise.  Evolution is a great way to persuade people to not believe in the literal creation account in the bible.  If people will believe the bible is …

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