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We are living in the END TIMES.  These are the latter days of the world foretold by John the Evangelist and our early Church fathers.  And what it means is that the “mass” at your local parish said by your local parish “priest” is like a pagan ritual.   I am Catholic and I do not mean to say that the Catholic mass instituted by Christ our Lord was pagan; but that the mass of our Lord instituted in the Last Supper has ceased to be available in the world today, as long-ago prophesied.

As prophecy has foretold, those who possess the gift of the Catholic Faith in these times have been driven underground, where, barely noticed, but still despised by the world, they practice and keep alive the Treasure of pure Catholicism. There they will remain until God, in His mercy, will once again cause His Church to rise, as it were, from the tomb, through the instrumentality of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Consecrate yourself to Jesus through Mary and save yourself. Become an apostle of the End Times that St. Louis spoke about.

True Catholics Need a Plan


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