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Papal Imposters

This video is the story about the present interregnum experienced by God’s Catholic people, a short history of the long-prophesied Great Apostasy we are witnessing today. In the history of the Church 260 men have become true popes.  Altogether there were an undisputed 40 men who were called false popes or antipopes. There have been 200 …

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Mary Never Sinned

Mary Never Sinned Can you imagine, a human being who never sinned? Well, to be Catholic you need to.  First, you should understand, no children under the age of reason, as the Church teaches, are guilty of sin. However, there were only two adults who NEVER committed a sin:  Jesus Christ and His mother Mary. …

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Jurisdiction is Gone

We know we have had no true pope since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958. We know there is no papal jurisdiction in the world today from a true pope for Bishops or priests to exist. Therefore, there are no more bishops or priests, or clergymen of any kind in the world today. …

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Most are Damned

Only true stay-at-Catholics are eligible—at best–for Salvation And, few are the number of those TRUE Catholics who are saved.  None of those who are false Catholics will be saved.  Impossible. Pope Eugene IV in 1441 A.D. spoke Ex-Cathedra Dogma when he said: “The most Holy Roman Church believes, professes, and proclaims that those not living …

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Lent The Call of Lent: Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving ‘Give alms…Pray to your Father…Fast without a gloomy face…’ (Matthew 6:1-18) Unless you shall do penance, you shall perish.” (Luke xiii. 3) Lent is the period of time for Catholic recollection and penance in preparation for the greatest of all Church’s feasts.  The Church, made up …

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End Times are Now

The End Times are Now One of the indispensable Catholic truths today that is not well-known: The end times are now. We are living in them. Just like we are told in the prophesies in Scriptures, that public revelation that is binding on all Catholics, the end times are signified by the cessation of the …

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Marriage without Priests

Stay-at-Home Catholics can still get married Marriage and Baptism are the only two sacraments that do not require a priest. People can still marry today, even though there is no priesthood in the world. Marriage does not require the presence of a priest when no priest is available (canon 941). We are certain, there are …

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Hell Didn’t Prevail Against the Church

The Gates of Hell Didn’t Prevail Against the Church That’s for sure. Even though Satan overthrew the Catholic hierarchy, he has not prevailed against the Catholic Church.  As our holy fathers in the faith taught us, the Church is made up of the handful of Catholics who hold fast to the traditions. Henry Cardinal Manning …

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Our Reason for Hope

Our Reason For Hope St. Louis de Montfort was sent by God as an End Times messenger and doctor of His Church to prepare Christ’s remnant sheep for these days. He explained that God has established only one enmity – but it is an irreconcilable one – which will last and even go on increasing …

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