Heresies of the false Vatican II “Council” in the 1960’s

Vatican II was a non- catholic heretical council called by False pope John XXIII and took place between 1962 and 1965. It was solemnly promulgated and confirmed by False pope Paul VI, on Dec. 8, 1965 (in spite of what many of the defenders of Vatican II say).

However, it was not a true general or ecumenical council of the Catholic Church, because it was called and confirmed by manifest heretics (John XXIII and Paul VI) who were not eligible for papal election (already discussed in on my YouTube Channel).

Remember, that as already discussed, Pope Eugene IV at the Council of Florence in his Bull Cantate Domino, 1442, ex cathedra,” condemned, rejected, anathematized and declared all to be outside the Catholic Church who held contrary or opposing views to that held by the Catholic Church.” [Pope Eugene IV]

We will briefly examine five documents of Vatican II, to show that Vatican II is diametrically opposed to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

1.  Decree on Ecumenism,” Unitatis Redintegratio”.

Jesus Christ founded a visible Church, of which He Himself is the Head, “One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all. “says St. Paul in his epistle to the Ephesians (4: 5).

This Church is the sign among the nations; she is the temple of the living God, the spouse of the slaughtered Lamb, the new Jerusalem. The Church is assisted by God in her life, in her teaching, in her worship, in her government and she has not the mission to involve herself with other religions for a better social world, for progress on earth, for better culture or whatever.

The mission of the Church is described by the words of Our Lord just before His Ascension: “Go ye into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature, to all nations, make every man a disciple, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and baptize them. He that believeth shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned.” (Mt 28: 19-20, Mk 16: 15-16)

The Decree on Ecumenism of the Second Vatican Council gives us a very different understanding of the Church, of Her divine mission and of her relations with other religions. First of all, it speaks of different churches.

It is quite clear that before Vatican II the idea of different Churches meant the different local churches around the bishop and his clergy: viz. the church of Cologne, the church of Paris, the church of Dublin, the church of Westminster or the church of Rome, the church of Sydney or the church of New York, San Francisco or Auckland, surrounded by his flock.

This notion of ‘Churches’ in the plural was never used and applied to other denominations.

The Second Vatican Council endorsed the new meaning of this expression saying:

“It follows that these separated Churches and Communities, though we believe they suffer from defects already mentioned, have by no means been deprived of significance and importance in the mystery of salvation. For the Spirit of Christ has not refrained from using them as a means of salvation which derive their efficacy from the very fullness of grace and truth entrusted to the Catholic Church.” #3

Now this is one of Vatican II’s worst heresies. It constitutes a rejection of the dogma, Outside The Catholic Church There Is No Salvation.

Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, “Cantate Domin0,” 1441, ex cathedra:

“The Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches that all those who are outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans but also Jews or heretics and schismatics, cannot share in eternal life and will go into the everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels, unless they are they are joined to the Church before the end of their lives…”

2.  Lumen Gentium, “Decree on the Church”

Concerning the Church itself, there is one word that in this text, which is perhaps the most harmful word in the whole Council documents.

In the Latin text, , it is: ” Ecclesia Dei subsistit in Ecclesia Catholica” #8. This means ‘ the Church of God subsists or takes its concrete form, is realized ‘ in the Catholic Church’.

The truth of the matter is that. The whole truth is: ‘Ecclesia Dei est Ecclesia Catholica – the Church of God is the Catholic Church’. If you say that the Church of God subsists in the Catholic Church, you mean that

there are two different entities: the Church of God and the Catholic Church and it is quite by chance that these two entities come together.

Here is what the Vatican II council has to say on this:

“This Church, constituted and organized in the world as a society, subsists in the Catholic Church, which is governed by the successor of Peter and by the bishops in union with that successor, although many elements of sanctification and of truth can be found outside of her visible structure.” #8

[ Like what?]

St. Paul says that the people will lose the love for the truth and for that reason God will send them operation of error by which they will be deceived ( 2 Thess. 2: 10). This is exactly what is happening in our days of the Great Apostasy.

3. Decree on Non-Christian religions: “Nostra Aetate”

The teaching that all religions are good and praiseworthy and are a means of salvation…

The decree on Non – Christian religions praises Jews, Muslims, Hinduism, Buddhism, all of which are absolutely contrary to the Catholic religion.

In fact, you will find that, not only do these non-Christian religions fail to lead to salvation but, very often, are obstacles to finding the truth, systems of resistance to the Holy Ghost. Very often, they have such a hold on their members, that they hinder them to leave. Take for example a Moslem. It is very difficult to convert him. He is completely held by his system, by his surroundings, by his clan, by his Islamic state. It is much easier to convert a pagan in the bush.

“Upon the Moslems, too, the Church looks with esteem…They adore the one God…though they do not acknowledge Jesus as God they revere Him as a prophet….In addition they await the day of judgement when God will give each man his due….and give worship to God especially through prayer, almsgiving and fasting.” #3 “Nostra Aetate”

The Catholic Church teaches to the contrary:

Pope Pius XI, Mortalium Animos (#2), Jan, 6 1928:

“…that false opinion which considers all religions more or less good and praiseworthy,… Not only are those who hold this opinion in error and deceived, but also in distorting the idea of true religion they reject it, and little by little, turn aside to naturalism and atheism…from which it clearly follows that one who supports those who hold on these theories and attempt to realize them, is altogether abandoning the divinely revealed religion.”

4.  Dignitatis Humanae – Declaration on Religious liberty

Vatican II’s declaration on religious liberty was without question the most notorious of all the documents of Vat II. This was because its teachings on religious liberty were so heretical that even the most liberal heretics had trouble rationalizing it.

The Vatican 2 documents are heretical–the most notorious and most clear—all intelligent men agree this one is unquestionable an ERROR they made (thanks be to God) was the Vatican 2 decree on Religious Liberty.

THAT was God’s gift to what is left of true Catholics, for THAT Vatican 2 teaching was NEVER the teaching of the true church (that the state cannot suppress all non-Catholic religions if it so chooses–Vatican 2 said now they can NEVER suppress a non Catholic religion–even Satanism).

Dignitatis humanae #2

“This Vatican synod declares that the human person has a right to religious freedom…all should have such immunity from coercion by individuals or by groups or by any human power…no one should be forced to act against his conscience in religious matters, whether in private or public, within due limits.”

It is a dogma of the Catholic Church that states have a right to, and indeed a duty to prevent false religions from publicly propagating and practicing their false religions. States must do this to protect the common good- the good of souls, which is harmed by public dissemination of evil.

That is why the Catholic Church has always taught that Catholicism should be the only religion of the state, and the state should exclude and forbid the public profession and propagation of any other.

It is abundantly clear that Vatican II is direct heresy against the infallible teaching of Pope Pius IX in his Syllabus of Errors, Dec. 8, 1864, #77

“In this age of ours it is no longer expedient that the Catholic religion should be the only religion of the state, to the exclusion of all other cults whatsoever.”- Condemned.

5. Gaudium et Spes- Decree on the Church in the Modern World

Cardinal Ratzinger himself called this decree of the Council, “Gaudium et Spes”, an anti – Syllabus.

‘May the faithful, therefore, live in very close union with the men of their time. Let them strive to understand perfectly their way of thinking and feeling as expressed in their culture. Let them blend modern science and its theories and the understanding of the most recent discoveries with Christian morality and doctrine…. Thus their religious practice and morality can keep pace with their scientific knowledge and with an ever – advancing technology…” #62 Gaudium et Spes

The Syllabus of Errors is a collection of false sentences, of false statements or errors condemned under the pontificate of Pope Pius IX

The last of these sentences, the eightieth, states the following:

“The Roman pontiff can and must reconcile himself with human progress, with liberalism and with modern and human culture.” – condemned

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