How to Pray on Sunday

We are Catholic–we are not fooled.

We do not attend the Satanic mockery of the true Catholic Mass today called the Novus Ordo.

  1. Stay at home and do not attend any “mass”, because there are only false masses today.
  2. Pray the ordinary of the mass (Use the missal found in the store & find the Sunday using the link below)
  3. Listen to or read a sermon written by a saint
  4. Pray the prayers on the prayer sheet found in documents
  5. Together, each Sunday, we pray the Holy Rosary

Traditional Catholic Calendar

Search of a Sermon by a True Catholic Saint for each Sunday

Note:  Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day.  Study our faith, try not to shop & do not do any servile work. 

On Sundays and Holy days, we gather together, adorn our tiny homespun home altars and the man takes out his scapulars for all to see around his neck as these are Holy garments and our Lady’s livery, kneels and lights the candles and burns real church incense and simply reads the Canonized Mass prayers.

Often we sing hymns before prayers or play Gregorian chant in the background until everyone settles in. The girls veil their heads and remain quiet. The man simply reads the ordinary and all the prayers of the day’s feast etc. or season, and at Gospel.

We read Fr Leonard Goffine’s book for a sermon or the lives of the saints or a real sermon from a true saint–then we proceed with the Creed and conclude with the prayers at the foot of the altar.

After, we have lunch then teach the catechism to the uninformed, then watch a wholesome movie and prepare for whatever feast or fast is for the upcoming week. We all go home and then before bed; all say the family rosary every single night. The reader during mass prayers remains on his knees the whole time. The women and everyone else, remains seated.

WE DO NOT consecrate but take a spiritual communion. Christ was most pleased when people believed in Him as we do, for it was HE who deigned that the true Holy Sacrifice be taken from this world—BUT “MY words shall NEVER pass away” and His words are THE true Mass from which we received abundant grace.

Our suffering is never to receive Him again substantially–but only spiritually and it is HIS will and we obey.

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