Stay-at-home Catholics & Matrimony

Stay-at-Home Catholics can still get married

Marriage and Baptism are the only two sacraments that do not require a priest.

People can still marry today, even though there is no priesthood in the world. Marriage does not require the presence of a priest when no priest is available (canon 941).

We are certain, there are no priests available in the world today.

However the 1917 Code of Canon law as stated below, requires two witnesses to be present. (Note: The 1983 “Code of Canon Law” is an invalid modernist book that does not concern us and has no authority over true Catholics)

1917 Code of Canon law #941:  “If the pastor or Ordinary, or a priest delegated by either, according to Canons 1095 and 1096, cannot be had or the parties cannot go to him without great inconvenience, the following rules are to be observed :

  1. In danger of death marriage may be validly and licitly contracted in the presence only of two witnesses; even apart from the danger of death marriage may be contracted without the presence of an authorized priest, if it can be prudently foreseen that this state of affairs, namely the difficulty to have an authorized priest witness the marriage, will continue for a month. (Two important modifications of the “Ne Temere” are contained in this Canon, first that in danger of death marriage can be contracted without a priest before two witnesses, and, second, that in places where a priest cannot be had or the parties cannot go to him, they need not wait for a whole month, if there is good reason to judge that the same conditions will continue for a month.)”
  2. “In either case, if there is another priest not delegated, for instance on vacation or a visit, who can be present, he should be called and together with the witnesses assist at the marriage, but only the two witnesses are necessary for validity.”
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