True Devotion To Mary

Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary
The link above is for the text to make a total consecration to Jesus through Mary

St. Louis de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary
The link above is to the online book, True Devotion to Mary

My Consecration to Mary App
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True Devotion to Mary was published in 1843. The link above is for an outstanding book about Mary written by one of St. Louis’ contemporaries and published shortly after his book in 1868.

The Writings of St. Louis de Montfort
In the link above you will find the books by St. Louis Marie de Montfort are available for on-line study. They are listed in the order in which they appear in “God Alone: The Collected Writings of St. Louis Marie de Montfort” (Montfort Publications, Bay Shore, 1987). You’ll be able to click on the title of the book you wish to read.

True Devotion to Mary

St. Louis de Montfort
Do not delay, dear soul, to consecrate yourself to the Blessed Virgin Mary and take up a fervent life-long devotion to her until your final breath.  She is our life, our sweetness and our hope.  Without devotion to her you cannot be saved.  Mary is necessary for us to be saved, and we cannot be saved without her. If one is not devoted to her he will not be saved, but rather, he will go to hell.  This is the teaching of our Holy Catholic Church; and if you did not know it, it is because no where in the Novus Ordo Diocesan Parish System will you find it. Heed these words.


“O Lady, since thou art the dispenser of all graces, and since the grace of salvation can come only through thy hands, our salvation depends on thee.” St. Bernardine of Siena


“If we have some chance of salvation, we have it all from Mary. Go, then, have recourse to Mary, and you will be saved.” St. Bernard


“The foundation of all our confidence is found in the Blessed Virgin Mary. God has committed to her the treasury of all good things, in order that everyone may know that through her are obtained every hope, every grace, and all salvation. For this is His will: that we obtain everything through Mary.” Pope Pius IX


There is a vast difference between carving a statue by blows of hammer and chisel and making a statue by using a mold. Sculptors and statue-makers work hard and need plenty of time to make statues by the first method. But the second method does not involve much work and takes very little time…Mary is a mold capable of forming people into the image of the God-man.

Anyone who is cast into this divine mold is quickly shaped and molded into Jesus and Jesus into him. At little cost and in a short time he will become Christ-like since he is cast into the very same mold that fashioned a God-man. I think I can very well compare some spiritual directors and devout persons to sculptors who wish to produce Jesus in themselves and in others by methods other than this.

Many of them rely on their own skill, ingenuity and art and chip away endlessly with mallet and chisel at hard stone or badly- prepared wood, in an effort to produce a likeness of our Lord. At times, they do not manage to produce a recognizable likeness either because they lack knowledge and experience of the person of Jesus or because a clumsy stroke has spoiled the whole work.

But those who accept this little-known secret of grace which I offer them can rightly be compared to smelters and molders who have discovered the beautiful mold of Mary where Jesus was so divinely and so naturally formed. They do not rely on their own skill but on the perfection of the mold. They cast and lose themselves in Mary where they become true models of her Son.

You may think this a beautiful and convincing comparison. But how many understand it? I would like you, my dear friend, to understand it. But remember that only molten and liquefied substances may be poured into a mold. That means that you must crush and melt down the old Adam in you if you wish to acquire the likeness of the new Adam in Mary.  St. Louis de Montfort


Saint Louis de Montfort is one of Our Lady’s greatest apostles. Who was Saint Louis de Montfort? He was ordained in Paris, France, in 1700 and died in 1716. He lived to be only 43 years old.  He was an itinerant preacher dedicated to a life of poverty. Saint Louis de Montfort had trouble with some bishops because of his zeal but was appointed by the pope as an “Apostolic Missionary” to give parish missions. Saint Louis de Montfort was a charismatic preacher and was immensely popular with the people. He claimed to be able to convert even the worst sinners if he were only able to touch them with the Rosary. He founded the Order of the Company of Mary (Montfort Missionaries), the Daughters of Wisdom, and later, the Brothers of Saint Gabriel were instituted in his spirit. We are in the end times without the assistance of a Church heirarchy to protect and nourish us.  You are on your own if you are without Mary.  Only those who will have the Mother will have the Son.  Only those who have the Son will have the Father.

Saint Louis de Montfort is best known for his writings about Our Lady. Through the ages, his ability to convert people to Mary and Jesus is repeated with almost every new reader of his masterpiece, True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It affects every reader who is alive in faith, just as it affected me when I was a seminarian. The continued popularity of his writings among true stay-at-home Catholics shows the working of the Holy Spirit in the teachings of this unique apostle of Mary. An audio of it can be found on this site under Podcasts. Listen to it over again many times. If you prefer, a copy of it can be found under Documents.

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