A Catechism, composed by Laurence Vaux

According to the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia, Laurence Vaux’s Catechism was the first Reformation era Catholic Catechism in English when it was published in 1567. Reprints followed in 1574, 1583, 1599 and 1605. The following is from a reprint of the 1583 edition, published by The Chetham Society in 1885.

This old catechism avoids the corruptions of doctrine that crept into the minds of Catholics in later centuries as we neared closer and closer to the time of the Great Apostasy in the 1900s. Any catechism, of whatever language, is automatically suspect from the late 1800s onward. Popes were dogmatically weak, bishops unvigilant or wolves in sheep’s clothing, priests careless in their work and teaching or outright enemies of the Faith, laity increasingly ignorant and wandering from the One True Religion given of old from the time of the Apostles.   Around 1864 Lucifer and hordes of his demons were let loose from hell to capture priests and religious in infidelity. 

Alas,” writes Melanie to her spiritual Father, L”Abbe Combe, in 1903, “the bishops who take this message as addressed to themselves, have become the enemies of this merciful message. They are acting like the High Priests who condemned Our Divine Saviour to death.” Yet Pius IX ordered the Bishop of Grenoble to construct a beautiful church on the spot of the apparitions; Leo XIII crowned a statue of the Virgin and gave the Sanctuary the title of Basilica.

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