Notice we no longer see among us those true apostles who once shone so brightly in years gone by. Why? There are no voluntary poor; one seeks a high life in the Novus ordo, another a little money for his false mass business. But this money sullies souls.  It rules them and makes them grovel.  And money has something that contaminates zeal. Oh my good Jesus, I want you alone for my possession and worth. You alone are my salvation! No penny, then, do I request for my recompense. What great wealth in my vocation!  By His poverty I have been made rich. Jesus, I am ready to turn up the volume of my preaching everywhere with your support and by your power. Make me Your true end times missionary.  Even though it has no income, and only insults, I am content. Mary, my holy Mother, protect me and allow my words to increase and bear fruit. Lord, all I have received I give to You.

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