How to Prepare for and Make a Spiritual Communion

December 30, 2019

How to Prepare for and Make a Spiritual Communion (By Fr. Dom Lorenzo Scupoli, from his classic book, The Spiritual Combat.)

Editor’s Note: Crucial for the Church Militant during *these latter days of the Apostasy, when NONE of the (true) Faithful have a valid Mass (Pius V Missal) or Divine Liturgy they can attend to fulfill their Sunday obligation.

Of course a Catholic may never attend (under pain of Mortal Sin) “masses” or “divine liturgies” that have anything to do with the heretical Vatican II sect tyrants and mobs. These are all those are left in the world today.

Avoid the false masses of the Novus Ordo, CMRI, SSPX, SSPV, FSSP and any and all the false independent Traditionalist Latin-“mass” priests.

Also, beware of the Most Holy Family false monastery and all of the avocations for the assistance at false masses and reception of sacrament from heretics.

“Once these conditions (intention of Orders) are present, the sacraments may be conferred by either the good or the wicked, the faithful or the heretical, within the Church or outside it: but within the Church, they are conferred both in fact and in effectwhile outside it, although conferred in fact, they are not effective.” -St. Bonaventure, Church Doctor, from The Beviloquium, Part VI, Chapter 5, Article 1

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