Coronavirus, Conversions and Catechism

January 26, 2020

Dear souls,

There’s much in the news these days about the Coronavirus, but nothing like what is to come. The news is fake, and something if not a bunch about this is too.  Be assured. The elites and their Media Overlords will execute yet another medical exaggeration that will be designed to strike much fear into the hearts of men.  You will see this engineered scare amount to a new frenzy and hyperbole on a scale beyond the SARS virus in 2003 or the 2009 Swine Flu. Lots of scare, little reason for it. That’s their job, to keep us in fear, and make us all the more dependent on their propensity to enact more laws to remove our rights and enslave us to them.

At the same that we understand their instagation of fear, we know their ravenous greed is to sell Vaccines….so as to continue to increase their wealth.
Their control exercises in instances like these is a practice in locking down whole towns and millions if not, later, billions at a time; not here yet but come one day….

About this, perhaps, we can do little. However, true Catholics should and can remain calm. We know who is the King and Queen, and we are obedient to them.

Show God, the Blessed Mother, yourselves and the world we are not worried about dying.  St. Cyril wrote for us, “Jesus cried out, to signify that He did not wish to be worshipped in a cowardly and stealthy way, but that He wished us boldly and clearly to profess and proclaim the faith.” St. Augustine {in loc), “He that loveth his life shall lose it. Which can be understood in two ways. He who loves will lose; if thou lovest, thou wilt lose: if thou wishest to have life in Christ, fear not to die for Christ.”

At the same time it is good to learn and be prepared.

One friend urges us to obtain three remedies and keep them on hand. If you acted last winter and bought those remedies, I now urge you to find them in your cabinet and keep them handy because this Coronavirus is very fast acting , I see video and pictures of people falling over in the streets — if it were slow acting and they were feeling unwell and weak , they would have been at home in bed!

The three remedies are; ACONITUM 30 C , BRYONIA 30C and GELSENIUM 30 C
Aconite (Aconitum) is a remedy most often needed during the very first stage of flu. Symptoms come on quickly, often alarmingly and the person is unusually restless and anxious .
Bryonia flus are gradual rather than sudden in onset and progress slowly. The patient is irritable, and prefers to be left alone. All symptoms, such as severely aching muscles or joints, are worse for movement and better for rest and being still.

Gelsemium is one of the most commonly needed flu remedies. Symptoms develop gradually. The patient feels heavy, weak, lethargic, and dull. The weakness is accompanied by trembling. Limbs ache and shivers may run up and down the spine. They usually have a heavy headache that starts in the back of the head and radiates to the forehead. 

When dispensing a homeopathic remedy you cannot touch the pills, you have to tap one or two pills into the cap of the container and pop into your mouth under the tongue. You cannot eat or drink or smoke for 20 minutes before and after administration of a homeopathic remedy. Take a dose twice a day until you are feeling better.

If they symptoms worsen following Aconite — that means you didn’t catch the bug in time and so now you move onto Bryonia or Gelsenimum.

 Bryonia’s main presentation is pain/body aches while Gelsenimum picture is one of severe weakness and fatigue.

In acute situations where you are dealing with a very sick baby or you yourself feel extremely ill , you can dissolve the remedy in some water and take drops / sips every 15 minutes until signs of improvement occur.

Remain in a state of Grace. Pray continuously. This calm we can have is the result of a good conscience (2 Cor. i. 12). As St. Bernard says to Pope Eugenius, “What is more precious, what more calm, and what freer from care than a good conscience? It fears not losses, it fears not reproaches, it fears not bodily tortures, for it is exalted rather than cast down by death itself.”

On to Conversions. This past month we have been “witness,” albiet virtual to perhaps a dozen people who have converted to the Catholic Church and have decided to stay at home far away from the ministrations of ALL the false Catholic Traditionalist communities. One man is looking for answers and a way out, we presume, from the sacrilegious life he has been living. A “seminarian” also reached out; both confidentially of course. It is amazing to see what is happening, even if it is a just a small glimpse of the great goodness of conversions coming by way of the graces, most assuredly, that are being bestowed by Mary.

This seems to have been foretold by the Holy Spirit in Psalm 58: “The Lord will reign in Jacob and all the ends of the earth. They will be converted towards evening and they will be as hungry as dogs and they will go around the city to find something to eat.” This city around which men will roam at the end of the world seeking conversion and the appeasement of the hunger they have for justice is the most Blessed Virgin, who is called by the Holy Spirit the City of God.

It brings great encouragement to me and I hope news of it will bring some to you as well.

Several converts from Judiasm have also made themselves know to us.  This is interesting. Though it is not a defined dogma, the future conversion of the Jewish nation to the Faith is a common teaching of the Fathers and Doctors, inferred directly from Holy Scripture.  One reads of Jewish converts throughout the history of the Church, many of whom, shamefully, have been forgotten. With each Jewish heart that responds to grace and enters the Church, we see a little foreshadowing of that great future event.

Catechisms come in the variety of good and bad. My mother was raised on one that supports her current Buddhist-style Catholicism rather nicely. It is a shame. Catholics today must be careful about what catechism they use to educate their children. The Most Reverend Dr. James Butler’s Catechism is a fine one, written in 1775 in Ireland, before Freemasonry had much influence in the world. You can find a copy for sale in our store.

God bless you this coming week. Be strong in your faith by your recourse to Mary through the Holy Rosary. Consecrate yourself to her soon if you have not already done so, and Mary will protect you in the days ahead.


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