This week was Good

January 19, 2020

These dark days are not cause for despair. We know in the end, Mary will crush the head of Satan (Gn 3:15). What more hope could we ask for? God promised that in the end good WILL prevail over evil. So, we know who is in control.

Sure, we may need to suffer some, but what true Catholic wouldn’t want to suffer when it is what God has called him to do? St. Louis prayed continuously for more suffering to be brought upon him.

He wrote: “If Christians only knew the value of the cross, they would walk a hundred miles to obtain it, because enclosed in the beloved cross is true wisdom and that is what I am looking for night and day more eagerly than ever. O good Cross, come to us for God’s greater glory! This is my frequent prayer dictated by my heart in spite of my weakness and my many infidelities. After Jesus, our only love, I place all my trust in the cross. ”

And again:  “Keep on praying, even increase your prayers for me; ask for extreme poverty, the weightiest cross, abjection and humiliations. I accept them all if only you will beg God to remain with me and not leave me for a moment because I am so weak. What wealth, what glory, what happiness would be mine if from all this I obtained divine Wisdom, which I long for day and night!”

St Therese of Lisieux (1873-1897) said a day without suffering was a wasted day. She wrote: “O Mother, it’s very easy to write beautiful things about suffering, but writing is nothing, nothing! One must suffer in order to know! I really feel now that what I’ve said and written is true about everything….It’s true that I wanted to suffer much for God’s sake, and it’s true that I still desire this.”

Let’s not be discouraged from embracing our suffering by the seductive but evil overtures of a Masonic society that rules over us with all its false morality, deceptive luxuries, consumerism addiction campaigns and fake news.

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As an aside, remember Catholics are called to do acts of charity as often as they are able. Doing so is a sign of a true Catholic. We love our neighbors for the sake of God. What is the perfection of love?

The perfection of love consists in conforming our will to the will of God. “And life in his good will.” (Ps. xxix. 6.) ”Have charity, which is the bond of perfection.” (Col. iii. 14.) According to the Areopagite, the principal effect of love is to unite the wills of lovers, so that they may have but one heart and one will.

Hence all our works, communions, prayers, penances, and alms, please God in proportion to their conformity to the divine will; and if they be contrary to the will of God, they are no longer acts of virtue, but defects deserving chastisement.

This week we revised our article on the Fatima Prayer in an effort to simplify it:

We also connected over the phone with a 70-year stay at home Catholic in Chicago who is a stay at home Catholic pioneer in the movement to draw awareness to the deception of the Great Apostasy that ensued after Vatican II. He is ill and needs your prayers. We are excited about having made this connection and will pay this dear soul a visit sometime soon. We hope to share his wisdom and insights with all of you shortly.

We have also been busy making connections with stay at home Catholics in over a dozen European countries. As the awareness of the existence of stay at home Catholics grows, so do the number of those are are making themselves known.

We are about to launch a new home page look, and we think you will like it better. It is designed to make it easier for people to find what is most important on our site and for Catholics who struggle to hold the faith in these dark days.

We are also working on editing all of our articles for accuracy, a laborious task we have not had much time to do; the growing number of our visitors and subscribers has led to a continuously increasing number requests for additional information. Additionally, our email inbox grows on a daily basis also makes it challenging for us to do everything we want to do. We can use all the website assistance we can get and would like your input if you feel like you would like to contribute in some way. Just let me know.

Feel free to reach out to us on our contact page with any question, ideas, or concerns you may have. We are good about getting back to people in a fairly short period of time.

Shortly we will produce a video rebuking and further exposing both the SSPX and the folks in Texas who have propped up a false Catholic church they call St. Jude. Beware of the St. Jude group which is not Catholic. They hold up before their naive flock a fallen away clergyman–steeped in the practice of saying the new “mass–who is plainly and admittedly without the required recommendation from a bishop or the dimissorial letters to prove he has authority or jurisdiction. He does not. He is an intruder, and his actions are sacrilegious.

Q. Can a priest celebrate Mass without letters of recommendation from his bishop.
A. No. Revs. Woywod-Smith, in their “A Practical Commentary on Canon Law,” (Can. 804) note: “The Council of Chalcedon (451) ruled that no strange cleric or lector should be permitted to minister outside his own town without letters of recommendation from his own bishop. Pope Innocent III issued the same prohibition, but said that the priest who did not have his letters of recommendation might be admitted to say Mass if he desired to do so out of devotion: he might not, however, say Mass before the people, but privately. The Council of Trent again made the rule absolute—as the Council of Chalcedon had it—that no priest should be permitted to celebrate Mass and administer the Sacraments without letters of recommendation from his own bishop.”

The St. Jude Group is firmly connected to pagan Rome and its Masonic false bishops, and they are proud of it. Wake up your friends soon who may be under their spell, before it is too late. Many souls are being led astray by such insidious evils which prevail against good will, Catholic doctrine, and sound reason. Crying wolf, as St. Pope Pius X said, is an act of charity; which is what we will continue to do. It is because of the courage and charity of other Catholics that we have ourselves come out of the mouth of the Beast, and under the mantel of Mary.

Devotion to Mary is necessary for the salvation of men. No one can be saved without her. All the saints were devoted to her. Today, one will not survive the lures of the devil and escape hell without true devotion to Mary. Consecrate yourself to Mary if you have not already done so. Go here to begin:

Remember always, Mary is our hope, our sweetness and our LIFE. Yes, indeed, this past week has been good (as is every other week that the good Lord gives to us to do His will).

God bless you, Daniel



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