Adult Catholic Questions

Q. According to the 4th Lateran Council, what is ‘The Mother of all Errors?
A. Ignorance.

Q. What is an ‘educated fool’?
A. Someone who is always studying and ‘ever learning, but never comes to the knowledge of the Lord’. 2nd Timothy 3:1-7 (Truth).

Q. What are the major and minor orders?
A.  “The major orders are the priesthood, diaconate, and sub-diaconate. The minor orders are four in number, viz., the acolytes, the exorcists, the readers, and the door keepers (Summa, XXXVII. 2, 3).”

Q. If ‘Truth Shall Make Us Free’, what does believing in lies do?
A. They enslave us. They enslave our minds from discovering the Truth, which is Jesus Christ and the pure teachings of His Holy Catholic Church, and they make the Truth harder to find, but YOU MUST FIND IT.

Q. Why do so many people refuse to believe the Dogma ‘No Salvation Outside the Church?’  
A. It is because they choose the “broad and wide gate that leadeth to destruction.” If you believe there is salvation outside the Catholic Church, then you have just placed the faith of Christ on the same level as all the false religions of the world.  Orestes Brownson rightly states, “For if there is salvation outside the church, what difference does it make whether one is in the Church or out of it, whether one is a heretic in the
judgement of the Church or not? Really, if to deny this doctrine is not heresy, there is no such thing as heresy, and it would have been pointless, as well as illogical, for the Church to attach such severe censures to the denial of this or any other doctrine.  The doctrine determines who has good will and who has bad will.  Those who have bad will are in a state of sin.  In rejecting God’s accredited word and work, they reveal their true selves.  These choose not to be among those whom Christ spoke when he said, “I know mine, and mine know me.” (John 10:14)
To deny this dogma also makes the passion and death of our Lord, and all the martyrs who died for preaching Christ’s gospel in vain.  Why would Christ have to die on a cross to save mankind when any religion or no religion will do?   The current state of the world attests to the denial of this dogma.  

Q. The Beatles sung “All you need is Love”, but is that true? What is the problem of just love… “love is all you need”?
A. The problem is we cannot divorce love from the truth and the only way that love can be applied is in the context of an absolute moral law that tells us what is good and what is bad.

Q. What is Faith?
A. Our firm belief of all the truth’s Jesus has revealed.

Q. What is Hope?
A. We firmly trust God to give us eternal happiness and the means to obtain it.

Q. What is Charity?
A. Charity is love of God. We love God above all things and our neighbor as ourselves, but we cannot truly love our neighbor unless we put the true worship of God first.

Q. Why should I be Catholic?
A. To save my soul.

Q. True or False: One can be pleasing to God while disobeying one or more of His Commandments.
A. False.

Q. What is the first duty of Mothers?
A. To raise Saints for Heaven.

Q. Name the 3 Theological Virtues.
A. Faith, Hope, and Charity – and we get these with Sanctifying Grace conferred to us at baptism.

Q. Why did God make you?
A. God made you to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him in this world and to be forever happy with him in the next, and to show forth His goodness and to share with us His everlasting happiness in Heaven. The Penny Catechism

Q. 3, 7, and 72 are mystical numbers to Catholics. Why is the number 72 significant?
A. 72- The age Our Lady died; the number of Christ’s disciples; the number of thorns in the crown of thorns; the 72 books of the Bible; the 72 nations formed after the fall of the Tower of Babel.

Q. Why is the number seven (7) so important? What is it usually associated with?
A. The number seven (7) is important because it is usually associated with creative things, for example, 7 musical notes, 7 colors of the rainbow, the 7 Gifts of the Holy Ghost, the 7 books of Wisdom, the 7 Sacraments, the 7 Corporal and 7 Spiritual Acts of Mercy, the 7 days of the week, which number of weeks has not changed since CREATION.

Q. True or False: If God did not first contemplate the Blessed Virgin Mary in His mind, he would have never created the world.
A. True. He created the world for her and her good children.

Q. What is the job of Government according to the Catholic Church?
A. To learn what the Truth is from the Catholic Church and then defend it.

Q. What are the first words of the Irish Constitution (before Paul 666 told them to change it) and the U.S. Constitution and what is the difference?
A. Irish: “In the name of the Holy Trinity….” USA: “We the people…” The difference is that the USA is Masonic and Satanic and is Man-Centered and the old Irish Constitution put Christ and the Catholic Faith numero uno. (they followed ‘first principles’).

Q. What is the surest means of preserving Holy Purity?
A. Increase your devotion to the pure Mother of God.

Q. What is the Prophecy of St. Francis of Assist (d. 1226)?
A. “There will be an uncanonically elected pope who will cause great schism…then there will be such universal dissentions and persecutions that if those days were not shortened even the elect would be lost.”

Q. The New World Order is _____________.
A. Satanism. It’s Christ against Satan. It’s the Old World Order under the Catholic Church versus the New World Order under Lucifer. Choose NOW.

Q. “A Saint is alone who is as available to God as a ____________ is to my hand.”
A. A pencil! (God’s instrument).

Q. True or False: If God has not seen the Blessed Virgin Mary, He would have not even created the Angels.
A. True. For Mary is Queen of Angels! God created the world because he first contemplated a creature that would do His Holy Will perfectly by always choosing the good.

Q. What was the longest lasting civilization in the history of the world?
A. The Byzantine Empire which lasted 1200 years and was devoutly Catholic.

Q. Who said “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled?
A. Mark Twain.

Q. Prayer is talking to God and _____________.
A. Listening.

Q. True or False: Before the Flood, everyone spoke the same language.
A. True. Before the Tower of Babel, everyone spoke Hebrew. After the Fall of the Tower, only Habor (pronounced “Hay-bear”) spoke the language of the Faith— all the other 71 Nations did not speak the language of the Faith and were dispersed.

Q. Who would you rather get your ideas about Creation of the world from? An atheist or the Blessed Virgin Mary?
A. She believed as Jesus did, as St. Joseph did and as Adam and Eve did.

Q. What are you as a Catholic today regarding spreading the one true faith to others?
A. We must never forget that we are soldiers for a great King and are forever fighting and the fight is the fight for souls including our own. Therefore, in war, we must use every available weapon we can.

Q. What is the only way to be happy when we die?
A. To die in the arms of the Catholic Church.

Q. True or False: There is salvation and remission of sins in other churches, not necessarily just the Catholic Church.
A. False.

Q. What is man?
A. Man is a creature composed of body and soul and made to the image and likeness of God.

Q. True or False: It is a deadly, mortal sin to take part in the assemblies of non-Catholics, even the assemblies of Novus Ordo ‘Catholics’ at their weddings, funerals, or wakes.
A. True. “So Venerable Brethren, it is clear why this Apostolic See has never allowed its subjects to take part in the assemblies of non-Catholics…” Pope Pius XI, Mortalium Animos (#10).

Q. What is “Catholic Dogma”?
A. It is our Lord talking. (teaching).

Q. True or False: A manifest heretic can still be a Catholic.
A. False! Therefore, a manifest heretic cannot be Pope.

Q. Was Abraham a Jew?
A. No. He could be called a ‘Hebrew’ because he was a direct descendant of Habor (“hay-bear”), further, the word ‘Jew’ was not even invented yet.

Q. What is the purpose of life on earth?
A. To populate Heaven.

Q. Is it possible for a man to be born an atheist?
A. No! No one is born an atheist; these attitudes are made.

Q. What was the exact date the New Mass of Paul 6 was promulgated?
A. April 3, 1969.

Q. Many people can’t say the ‘Hail Mary’. Why?
A. Because they don’t think they are sinners.

Q. Do you have enough Grace at the moment of a grave temptation to overcome the temptation and if not, what do you always have?
A. We always have enough Grace to PRAY for the Graces we need. Turn to the Holy Virgin Mary and recite the Memorare.Ask and ye shall receive”, but you have to ASK.

Q. There are two kinds of Atheists. Name them.
A. 1) The atheist who reads a smattering of science and concludes, probably, that there is no God and …

2) The militant atheist, for example, Communists who really do not deny the existence of God, but challenge God and it is the very reality of God that actually saves them from insanity. To them, God is a very real object against which to vent their hate.

Q. Who IS the ‘Rule of Faith’ for the Catholic Church?
A. The Pope, the Bishop of Rome. HE is the one who decides theology questions by the Power of God as stated in Holy Scripture: “Whatsoever you shall bind on earth, I shall bind in Heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth, I shall loose in Heaven.”

Q. “The truth only hurts who?” according to St. Thomas Aquinas?
A. “Those living in error.” I.e. those not leading a correct life. St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, Q. 109, Art 1, Part II-II.

Q. Yes or No. Are there some truths which are above human reason?
A. Yes, like the truth that Jesus Christ was foretold.

Q. True or False: Except for Catholicism, the founders (or the innovators) of all the other religions were not essential to belief, but were essential only to the founding.
A. True. You did not have to believe in Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed, Luther, Marx, Socrates or Plato, but only in Jesus Christ. Catholicism is the only religion that demands a personal, intimate bond with Christ, where, in turn, we must reflect His personality, His mind, His will, His Sacred heart, and the humanity of Christ.

Q. Well, if God knew I would sin, then why did He make me then!?
A. God did not make any of us sinners. We make ourselves and in that sense, we are Creators! (and this is bad).

Q. True or False: Morality is based on reason.
A. True. To gain control over Catholic is to cause them to forget morality, reason, and logic.

Q. Why do we abort and kill children? How did our society get to this point?
A. Because we have stopped honoring Parents. We have broken the 5th Commandment because we have broken the 4th. We do not appreciate the importance of babies because we do not appreciate the importance of parents. G.K. Chesterton.

Q. Whenever there is Animal worship, there will be ________________.
A. Human Sacrifice (abortion). G.K Chesterton predicted human sacrifice and society’s return to it.

Q. What good is knowledge (Pagan, Greek, and Roman Mythology/Philosophy), without true wisdom?
A. Not any good at all — God gave us the Sacred Heart, not the Sacred Head.

Q. Who said, “Marriage is a duel to the death”? Why?
A. G.K. Chesterton. Because it involves the vow of one free man and one free woman, who are, by nature, incompatible, to stay together and to play and stick to the rules, keeping all self-discipline and freely binding oneself. G.K. Chesterton

Q. The process of thinking must be governed by certain ___________.
A. Principles. (called ‘first principles’). These are the principle truths of our Holy Catholic Faith.’

Q. Who said, ‘invincible ignorance is a punishment for sin?’
A. St. Thomas Aquinas.

Q. Loyalty is loving something as one loves his _______ with an infinite gratitude for an infinite gift.
A. Mother. G.K. Chesterton

Q. “Through the Ages, the real birth control has been called_________________.”
A. Self-control. G.K. Chesterton

Q. True or False: America was founded as a Christian Nation.
A. False. America was founded by Freemasons (like Franklin), deists (like Jefferson) and other enemies of the Catholic Church.

Q. Transgenderism. What are they saying?
A. They are saying there is no such thing as nature.

Q. True or False: Catholics are forbidden to hate anyone under pain of mortal sin.
A. True. Each race originates from a single man. Race does not save anyone, but Faith in and obedience to the true God does. Do not place race or family over God.

Q. Does the Catholic Church understand Freedom better than the U.S. Government?
A. Yes, because the Catholic Church knows that true freedom means self-government and that in order to have self-government, its citizens must have self-control. G.K. Chesterton.

Q. True or False: God grants great power to the devil over the disobedient and ungodly.
A. True for he who lives in opposition to God’s will suffers many pangs of pain and is continually tormented by evil spirits who have power over the soul that is in enmity of God. He is no longer under the special protection of God since He has withdrawn from His Holy will.

Q. What is the key attribute that God has to give us in order to have a moral universe?
A. The freedom to say yes or no and to be captains of our own fate and destiny.

Q. No one can understand history unless he understands what according to E. Michael Jones?
A. The forces of Logos and Anti-Logos, that is, the true followers of Christ (Catholics/Order/Logic) versus Everyone else (Forces of Anti-Christ/Chaos).

Q. What is a Conscience? (as it pertains to one’s actions)?
A. The Conscience is the JUDGE of whether an action is either good or bad.

Q. Why is the true Vatican Flag yellow and white?
A. The colors symbolize the colors of Heaven: milk and honey.

Q. True or False: The only true wisdom is the one that brings us to eternal life.
A. True.

Q. What is the beginning of true Wisdom?
A. Fear of the Lord. St. David, Psalms 110-20. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.

Q. Noah worked 100 years on the Ark and during this time, how many converts did he make?
A. None, so don’t be discouraged when no one listens to you too and thinks you are crazy.

Q. True or False: People’s attitude towards God has nothing to do with their attitude towards their fellow man.
A. False. People’s attitude towards God governs their attitude towards their fellow man.

Q. Name (and memorize) the 12 Apostles.
A. Peter, Andrew, James, John, Simon, James, Jude, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Mark and Mathias.

Q. What is the gravest of all sins?
A. Sins against Faith because faith is the foundation of the Supernatural Order (with the exception of formal hatred against God which is Satanism).

Q. “Just as man became unnatural by worshiping nature, so he naturally became unmanly by worshipping man. Any young man who has the luck to grow up sane and simple is naturally repulsed by __________________.” G.K. Chesterton.
A. Homosexuality. (which is not true to human nature nor to common sense).

Q. You can only be deceived by people you ___________?
A. Trust. In other words, the entire hierarchy of the Catholic Church at Vatican II, including the alleged ‘pope’. ‘Satan’ is a Persian word which means, “to befriend in order to betray.”

Q. Who were our first parents?
A. Adam and Eve.

Q. Name the 3 Divine Persons in the Most Holy Trinity?
A. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. 3 Divine Persons in 1 God. How many have brutally died instead of denying this Truth?

Q. True or False. No one has a right to do evil.
A. True.

Q. What is ‘Secularism’?
A. The Separation of Religion from Daily life (which is the opposite of ‘Sanctity’).

Q. To the enemies of God, why is the homosexual the ‘ideal American citizen?”
A. Because they are the ideal consumers, driven by their passions and not by reason. They cannot control their passions; they have lots of disposable income because they have no children or families and they are selfish, materialistic, and narcissistic.

Q. Who says this and is able to actually do it? “I’m trying to live in obedience to God”.
A. A true Catholic

Q. It’s impossible to raise a good family without what?
A. A lot of self-denial.

Q. “Progress is the mother of ___________.”
A. Problems! Said G.K. Chesterton. “The modern world is obsessed with progress with the idea that things are constantly getting better and will get better still even though we cannot say what ‘better’ is.” G.K. Chesterton, Life is a Dance

Q. It is very necessary that from the earliest days we expend every effort in trying to acquire what?
A. A true conscience – not an erroneous conscience nor a doubtful conscience.

Q. What is Homosexuality in terms of Nature?
A. 1) Homosexuality is Violence—Violence against Nature and against the Order of Nature and 2) it is also violence against other homosexuals because the sex act is a sin of intrinsic violence to the human body and “Those who do such things shall not enter into the Kingdom of God.” St. Paul.

Q. What is a ‘true conscience’?
A. A true conscience is one that, almost by instinct, knows the will of Almighty God. A true conscience will always prescribe what is essentially right.

Q. Truth cannot allow ______________.
A. Compromise. “For what has light to do with darkness? Christ with Belial?” St. Paul. For example, the Creed. When we recite it, we believe every world literally.

Q. Is everyone bound to know what the laws of God and the Laws of the Church are?
A. Yes.

Q. True Peace in the world can be founded on ONLY _________ __________.
A. The Catholic concept of Justice and no other for Justice IS the foundation and safeguard of peace.

Q. “Do not think I have come to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword.” Therefore, if Jesus was the God of Peace—The Peaceful King, then why did He say this?
A. Because He was talking of that ‘ceaseless war’ that Catholics must wage on earth against the enemies of good, with spiritual and un-bloody means. It’s a war that fills heaven with souls.

Q. Did Christ preach in every town he visited?
A. No, he did not. Why? To show us there are some places that just won’t listen thus His admonition: “Don’t throw pearls to swine.”

Q. What were the last words of Christ? (trick question).
A. “Go be my witnesses” (martyrs) at the Ascension.

Q. True or False: God, in His mercy, finds ways to make those who are already on the way to Hell less guilty so they won’t have more punishment.

A. True. St. Theresa of Avila – “The weakest of the weak, who do not respond to God’s Graces, but still do a few ‘good things’, though not in a state of Grace. “

Q. Mortal Sin is a ___________ offense against God.
A. Grievous. (it kills Sanctifying Grace in our souls).

Q. Can non-Catholics receive actual Graces?
A. Yes, otherwise they would never enter into God’s one true Church.

Q. When will the world enjoy peace?
A. When it returns to God (the authentic, Pre-Vatican II Catholic Faith).

Q. Did Jesus found more than one Church?
A. No! Therefore, ALL are obliged to belong to the True Pre-Vatican II Catholic Apostolic Church in order to be saved. You are either IN THE ARK OF SALVATION OR IN THE WATER.

Q. What happened on April 23, 1963?
A. The author of the New Mass was inducted into Freemasonry and who was later promoted to Archbishop! (Msgr. Annabale Bugnini aka ‘bugsy’).

Q. Baptism removes what?
A. Original Sin, but our selfishness remains.

Q. Name the 3 effects of Original Sin?
A. 1) Darkness of Understanding 2) Weakness of Will and 3) Strong Inclination to Evil.

Q. The love of prayer and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary are said to be ‘clear signs’ of what?
A. Clear signs that you are going to heaven –that you are worthy of eternal life. “A true child of Mary has never been forsaken.” St. Alfonsus de Liguori.

Q. What is a man or a woman without the authentic, Pre-Vatican II Catholic Faith?
A. A man or woman without Faith is a lost soul, a slave to the devil, who uses this world to prepare for everlasting death, and calls down the wrath of God and is odious in His sight.

Q. True or False: All history begins with Genesis in Holy Scripture.
A. True.

Q. The whole world was waiting for what after the Fall of Man?
A. The birth of that baby—Jesus Christ.

Q. True or False: Civilization is based upon the sexual morality of women.
A. True.

Q. Men of Good Will want what?
A. The Truth and therefore to want the good and in order to want the good, we have to be men of good will.

Q. What is the Catholic Church’s position on the accuracy of Holy Scripture?
A. “It is impossible for the least error to be divinely inspired.” Pope Leo XIII in his encyclical, In defense of Holy Scripture.

Q. What type of wood was the Holy Cross made of?
A. Cedar wood.

Q. What is the source of all Truth?
A. The Catholic Church whose teachings are worthy of being studied and defended (referring, of course, to the pre-Vatican II Church of God and never the false, ecumenical Anti-Church of Paul 6).

Q. What are the only two Sacraments you don’t need a priest for when one cannot be procured?
A. Baptism and Holy Matrimony.

Q. If Adam did not sin, would we need money, clothes, medicine, doctors, houses, and agriculture?
A. No. God provided everything because everything was created in perfect order.

Q. Because Adam sinned, we need clothes today. Why?
A. To maintain health, morals, modesty, & chastity because after the Fall, we now have concupiscence (darkened intellect, weakness of will and a strong inclination to evil)

Q. What is Truth?
A. The conformity of the mind to reality.

Q. True or False: Until you are in the Catholic Church, there is no hope of your being Sanctified (in a State of Grace).
A. True. This is why those outside the Church are not going to be saved.

Q. What is the Catholic principle that is most under attack today?
A. Objective Truth, that this is always right and this is always wrong – that this is black and this is white— no gray!

Q. What is the reason why one does not discover what God wants of him?
A. Because man has closed his soul to the Grace of Knowing. The difference, despite limitations and handicaps, is one’s efforts. It is making a beginning where one is.

Q. What is the only source of Salvation for ALL MEN?
A. The Catholic Church of the Roman rite

Q. What is the greatest sign that proves all other religions false?
A. That Jesus rose from the dead and came back to life in not a mangled, blood-stained body, but a radiant and Glorified body. No other religion in the world had a god do that/

Q. Why do we have freewill?
A. To be free to do God’s will so that we might always choose the good and merit Heaven by always cooperating with God for this end.

Q. If you knew the “pope” in Rome was a doubtful pope, what would you have had to do?
A. You would have had to go to your parish “priest” and say that you could not assist at his Mass (that is, not go to Mass!) if he united himself with this dubious pope.

Q. True or False: The chaos of our times is the strongest negative argument that could ever be advanced for authentic, Pre-Vatican II Catholicism.
A. True.

Q. “The enemies of Christ the King are _____________ and know what they want, while Catholics are divided and do not realize that their hold on the faith is being gradually undermined.”
A. Organized! Fr. Denis Fahey, SJ, The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation, p.118.

Q. There is no left. There is no right. There is only _________.
A. Catholic.

Q. To gain knowledge, we need what?
A. Truth.

Q. Will the world last forever?
A. No.

Q. “If you love me (Jesus/God), then keep what?
A. “My Commandments” (all of them).

Q. What is Protestantism? (by definition).
A. Protestantism, by definition, is the rejection of the clear teachings of God.

Q. What Saint said, “Be ashamed when you sin, not when you repent.”
A. St. John Chrysostom.

Q. True or False: The Church of Jesus Christ subsists in the Roman Catholic Church.
A. False. This is what the heretical ‘robber’ council, Vatican II teaches. The Church of Jesus Christ IS the Catholic Church (of the Roman Rite).

Q. What did St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort tell us about what Protestants would rather place around their necks than Our Lady’s livery (the brown scapular)?
A. A serpent.

Q. What does “the deposit of faith” mean?
A. It means only those teachings of the Catholic Church that are conformable to the body of teaching which has accumulated through the years from the days of the Apostles called the ‘Magisterium.”

Q. When is authority legitimate?
A. When it is so ordered by God.

Q. Name the two (2) reasons why you should try to convert others to the true, pre-Vatican II Catholic Faith.
A. 1) Don’t you care if they go to Hell or not? and 2) Jesus commanded it and you better worry about your own soul if He commanded it. “Go, therefore, into the whole world and teach every creature all that I have commanded you.”

Q. What did Christ say and do in a nutshell?
A. He told men that He had come down from Heaven expressly to teach them, in order that all men may know the TRUTH.

Q. Who said “We are not faithful to God if we love HIS enemies.”?
A. St. Thomas Aquinas.

Q. True or False: “We are not faithful to God if we love His enemies.”
A. True! St. Thomas Aquinas. We are supposed to love our enemies, but not God’s enemies. We are the Church Militant and we are forever fighting.

Q. A perverse will is opposed to the _______.
A. Faith (The authentic, Pre-Vatican II Catholic Faith of our Fathers). Remember that man has free will, but not always good will. A good will conforms to the Faith.

Q. “Nothing is more dangerous than what?
A.“Religious Ignorance”. Saint Mary Euphrasia Pelletier.

Q. True or False: There were never any necessary wars but the religious wars.
A. True. They were fought for the true religion and were ‘Just’ because they were defensive wars, fought not just for a material peace but also for a mental and spiritual peace and for the conversion of the other side. GK Chesterton.

Q. True or False: The Tower of Babel was a myth.
A. False! It was a fact and St. Augustine of Hippo affirmed this in his masterpiece book, The City of God.

Q. When we wish to convert someone to the true, Pre-Vatican II Catholic Faith, what are we actually trying to do?
A. “Rescue them from the wrath of Almighty God”. St. Gregory the Great

Q. True or False: The devil has no power unless given to him by God.
A. True

Q. What is more serious; the sin of heresy or the sin of apostasy?
A. Apostasy as the heretic still has faith, even if he is in mortal sin—he can easily come back to the State of Grace but when he rejects faith altogether, he puts himself in a desperate situation.

Q. Why was the ‘Limbo of the Just’ called ‘Hell’?
A. Because anything short of the Beatific Vision (Heaven) is Hell (Separation from God).

Q. Does the ‘Limbo of the Just’ exist today?
A. No, it ended with Our Lord’s death on the Cross.

Q. What is a good example to demonstrate how illogical, hypocritical, and deceitful Protestants are when it comes to the Holy Virgin?
A. Because they demote Mary and do not honor her yet they honor the Apostles.

Q. What is Gallicanism?
A. The belief among certain modern Catholics that the people and the clergy have the right to make decisions without the Pope and tell him what to do.

Q. What is the Mission of the Catholic Church?
A. That Christ might be known in the minds and hearts of ALL men by Divine Faith and Grace—that His Spirit might reign in the hearts of all men by Grace and Divine love so that the souls of men can be saved. Rev. T.N. Burke, Sermons, 1872.

Q. What lie was America built upon?
A. That we could have a society that would be just and orderly without recognizing Christ as King and His Holy Church as the true governor of all men everywhere on matters of faith and morals.

Q. Who said, “I did not find Thee without, Lord, because I wrongly sought Thee without, who were within.”
A. St. Augustine of Hippo, THE Greatest Theologian in the Catholic Church.

Q. Of the sixty (60) heresies originated by Catholics listed in the Catholic Encyclopedia (1913), how many heresies originated from laymen?
A. 2

Q. Every word in the New Testament was written by Apostles of the faith to who alone?
A. To Catholics ONLY! And they were written on the premise that only Catholic converts were in the way of salvation.

Q. Why do we exist?
A. For God’s glory, so don’t turn yourself into a thankless, selfish beast. Never forget we are the Temple of the Holy Ghost which is our great dignity.

Q. When are we most open to being brainwashed?
A. “For once we separate ourselves from Catholicism, we are left open to be brainwashed.”

Q. What is our purpose in this our life on earth?
A. To save our souls; to get to heaven; to die in a state of Sanctifying Grace and escape Hell.

Q. In the education of youth, what is most important?
A. The guarding of innocence and virtue. Feast of St. Usula, Virgin/Martyr, whose Feast Day is Oct. 21, from Butler’s Lives of the Saints for Every Day of the Year, p.341.

Q. What Holy Pope condemned Freemasonry and membership and/or ANY cooperation with Freemasonry for all time?
A. Pope Clement XIII in 1738. Papal Bull of Pope Clement XII on Freemasonry, April 28, 1738.

Q. May Catholics Pray for Deceased Non-Catholics or attend their weddings or funerals or wakes?
A. No. Pope St. Gregory the Great, Moralia, Book 34: “There is, therefore, the same reason for not praying then for men condemned to eternal fire, as there is now for not praying for the devil and his angels who have been consigned to eternal punishment.”

Q. Why do we want to learn all we can about our Holy religion every day?
A. So that we may love God more than ourselves and have more light to spread that love to others.

Q. What does the word ‘worship’ mean?
A. to honor given to someone in recognition of their merit. Worship is an outward manifestation of the worth we hold in another person or the value we perceive in that other person. For example, we clap our hands after having seen a good performance; we fall to our knees when we worship Christ.

Q. Has the Church ever infallibly defined that it is sinful to go to a non-Catholic wedding or funeral?
A. Yes. Pope Pius IX, Graves ac diuturnae (# 4), March 23, 1875: “They [the faithful] should totally shun their religious celebrations, their buildings, and their chairs of pestilence which they have with impunity established to transmit the sacred teachings. They should shun their writings and all contact with them. They should not have any dealings or meetings with usurping priests and apostates from the faith who dare to exercise the duties of an ecclesiastical minister without possessing a legitimate mission or any jurisdiction.”

Q. When man worships God, he is acknowledging God’s ______, _______, and _____.
A. Power, goodness, and truth (as well as acknowledging our total dependence on the Lord for our very next heartbeat).

Q. If you do not worship God, 9 times out of 10, who do you worship?
A. Yourself, in which case you are God and if you are God, I am an atheist because I can’t believe in that kind of God.

Q. What was Jesus’ most important miracle?
A. The Resurrection

Q. What does “I.H.S.” stand for?
A. In His Service

Q. Does God need your worship? (did you need the toy knife or the dandelions?).
A. No He does not need it for Himself but if your children’s giving is a sign of worth in your children’s eyes, then is not prayer, adoration, and worship the sign of God’s worth in your eyes?

Q. Why should you pray in private early in the morning, when no one sees you?
A. “Remaining hidden in solitude and privately [MT 6:6], you should pray to your Father in secret remaining hidden with Him and you will experience Him and love and enjoy Him in hiding and delight with Him.” St. John of the Cross, Collected Works

Q. Under Canon Law #2335 of the 1917 Code, any Catholic who joins the sect of Freemasonry is automatically what?
A. Excommunicated ipso facto (by the very fact) so that one could not possibly hold any office in the Catholic Church since he would be intrinsically ineligible, like John XXIII’s elevation to the episcopacy as Cardinal on January 12, 1953 and to the papacy on October 28, 1958. In 1925, he was expelled as a seminary professor for teaching heresy and was, in fact, a notorious Freemason inducted into the lodges in France when he was a papal nuncio. This is confirmed by a myriad of Freemasonic sources and through numerous photographs of him consorting with notorious Freemasons.

Q. None of the miracles of our blessed Lord were even denied by His enemies. Why?
A. Because His works were always accomplished before a multitude of people and never performed a miracle when there was not witnesses around—not even His Resurrection was denied in His time.

Q. For almost 2000 years, the Catholic Church has been faithful to its Mission to convert the world, to preach the Gospel and to be zealous for souls, but why is it POWERFUL according to former Communist, Bella Dodd?
A. Because it teaches the Truth and according to her sworn testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1952, the only one “feared” by the Communists.

Q. What is the beginning of Wisdom?
A. Fear of the Lord

Q. For the 2000 years the Catholic Church has existed, society has always what?
A. …endeavored to get away from her grasp and to live without her. Rev. T.N. Burke, 1872 Sermons, The Catholic Church and the Salvation of Society

Q. Why is the world today a mess?
A. Because the Catholic Church and the authentic Catholic Faith is no longer permitted to reign in the world. Rev. T.N. Burke, 1872 Sermons, The Catholic Church and the Salvation of Society.

Q. For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but suffer the loss of his _______?
A. Immortal soul? If we follow Christ, we shall never place anyone or anything above God.

Q. Adam and Eve were created in this State. What is it called?
A. The State of sanctifying grace but lost it through mortal sin; but later, regained it through contrition and penance. According to Fr. Holweck in his “Dictionary of the Saints” 1924, Adam and Eve are honored as full Saints in the Eastern Churches, but the West never granted them similar saintly honors.

Q. True or False: Catholics advanced civilization.
A. True. It elevated the status of women, slaves, labor, suffering, and gave dignity to the humble and the poor. It also instituted the dignity of worship and kept at bay for centuries the forces of Antichrist, but no more.

Q. What false theory denies that man is created in the image and likeness of God with an immortal soul?
A. The theory of evolution—that man evolved from Apes and that man is nothing more than a superior animal. This is a direct attack on the Blessed Mother and the Incarnation.

Q. What is the best way to reduce man to the level of an animal?
A. Teach children that we all have evolved from Apes and that we are nothing more than superior animals with no immortal souls, with no dignity, and with no loving God above.

Q. How many priests did Paul 6 release from their vows to return to the lay status (1963-1976)?
A. 32,000 validly ordained Catholic priests—THE greatest exodus of priests since the Reformation aka the Protestant Revolution.

Q. What is the ‘new age’ movement?
A. That Man is becoming God (evolution); that we are God.


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