Catholic Children Questions

Questions for Children

Q. Goodness imitated by the young must first be _________ ?
A. seen — seen in the home and, as goodness inspires reverence, it follows that if the home influence be good, reverence on the part of children, as a rule, will keep pace with it. The Catholic Home, Fr. Alexander, O.F.M., 1918.

Q. True or False: Parents should always cultivate the beauty of virtue and the ugliness of wrong doing to their children.
A. True, for the Church is the Pillar and the Ground of Truth, which educated her children in spite of Pagan Rome and which combated false philosophies for 19 Centuries and will NEVER lose its voice (no matter how small Her numbers are today). The Catholic Home, Fr. Alexander, O.F.M., 1918.

Q. True or False: God favors those married Catholic couples who are blessed with children.
A. True. Why? Because this couple wish to cooperate with God’s command to be fruitful and multiply (assuming all other things being equal). The Catholic Home, Fr. Alexander, O.F.M., 1918.

Q. In the eyes of God, what are the most enduring riches of all
A. Those things which are created for eternity, such as children sent to bless and to help parents in time to rejoice with them in the bosom of God forever. The Catholic Home, Fr. Alexander, O.F.M., 1918.

Q. In the true education of children, the _______ must be formed as well as the mind.
A. The heart. And that the will be strengthened as well as the intellect and the soul of man. Rev. T.N. Burke, 1872 Sermons, p. 251.

Q. What do we sometimes call the wind?
A. The Breath of Christ (a nice thing to teach small children).

Q. A person who denies or refuses to believe one or more of the truths of the Faith commits the sin of ___________ .
A. Heresy. The sin of heresy kills faith and drives it from the soul, along with the virtues of hope and charity. See 1945 Catholic Schoolbook for Children entitled Our Quest for Happiness, Vol. 1, p. 68.

Q. If children are perverted, it is because ____________ have the wrong idea of this world, who commit the crime of not educating them in good morals by not home schooling but sending them to Public, Government Schools or Godless private institutions and corrupt universities.
A. The Parents. Good manners are the beginning of virtue.

Q. For Children who refuse to please their parents or who refuse to help their parents or pray for their parents or who hate them or who cause their parents to grieve or to anger them; to talk back to them or resist correction from them or to pout or act stubbornly towards them or to strike parents or to disobey them; to visit places, keep company or to do things secretly which parents naturally would forbid, violates what Commandment of God?
A. The Fourth Commandment: Honor thy Mother and thy Father.

Q. Are all the prayers and works of a person in a state of sin sinful?
A. It is a heresy, condemned by the sacred Council of Trent, to say that all the prayers and works of a person in a state of sin are sins. St. Bernard says that prayer is the mouth of a sinner, although it is without supernatural excellence, since it is not accompanied by charity, yet is useful and efficient in obtaining a release from sin; for, as St. Thomas teaches the prayer of the sinner is indeed without merit, but it serves to obtain the grace of pardon; for the power of obtaining it is based not upon the worth of him who prays, but upon the divine bounty, and upon the merits and promise of Jesus Christ, who has said, “Every one that asketh receiveth.” The same may be said of the prayers offered to the divine mother.”

Q. St. Thomas Aquinas taught the world was created in a most perfect condition, but today, children are taught it was created out of chaos—an explosion. What is the reason why the Catholic view is not taught today?
A. To move away from a world-view of faith and to replace it with atheistic Paganism and to ruin the wonder and innocence of children and mostly, to make the message of Christianity difficult for people to find.

Q. What takes many Catholic mothers ‘courage to admit’?
A. That their children are spoiled and that we must accept our sinfulness in order to be saved. Too many, even traditional Catholic mothers do not admit the sinfulness of their children who, in reality ‘raised crows so that they would pluck out their eyes.”

Q. Give a theory which is taught as true in public schools, justifies abortion, “mercy” killing of the elderly and of mentally handicapped children, experimenting on human beings for their body parts and the harvesting of humans for body parts, etc. and which promotes genetic population control?
A. The wicked and Satanic theory of evolution—that man has no dignity since he has no soul and evolved from Apes and that man is just a superior animal so why give its life any dignity at all?

Q. What is the best way to reduce man to the level of an animal?
A. Teach children that we all have evolved from Apes and that we are nothing more than superior animals with no immortal souls, with no dignity, and with no loving God above.

Q. True or False: It’s a delicate art raising Holy children without over strictness.
A. True, and it is impossible to raise good Catholic families today without a lot of self-denial.

Q. What must necessarily be the ‘action’ taken by the Remnant Faithful today— in order to raise Holy Catholic families?
A. To make Holy Catholic families today, it takes a lot of guts (self-sacrifice) and by following the true faith, such mothers and fathers will naturally be led to make certain logical sacrifices, like renouncing bad TV shows, Cable, and bad movies and bad books, in order to have large families that are well behaved and holy who stand out and can do a lot of good with just being who they are as an example to others.

Q. What Pope said, “There can be no doubt that truth alone should imbue (inspire) the minds of men, therefore, NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH SHOULD BE TAUGHT” (to children).
A. Pope Leo XIII in The Church Speaks to the Modern World. “What the church cannot possibly do is to declare satisfactory a school regime based upon the principle that anybody should be free to teach what it pleases him to call truth, even though it may be error.”

Q. Defending one’s faith always means defending one’s ___________.
A. Traditions! For example, children love repetition. “Do it again!!” They find security in this, for dance returns upon itself and ends, while a race goes on to who knows where? Dance is balance but a Race has an uncertain end. From The Thrill of Monotony by G.K. Chesterton.

Q. Why does society abort and kill children? How did our society get to this point?
A. Because it has stopped honoring Parents. It has broken the 5th Commandment because we have broken the 4th. It does not appreciate the importance of babies because it does not appreciate the importance of parents. G.K. Chesterton.

Q. Why can’t progressives and revolutionaries identify with an unchanging ideal like a Holy Family Unit, True Indissoluble Catholic Marriage, the Rearing of Children and Authentic Catholic Education?
A. Because they keep attacking Tradition where these ideals are to be found. G.K. Chesterton.

Q. According to one of the ‘end time prophecies’ in Holy Scripture, how will children be in the Last Days? 2 Timothy (3:1-5).
A. Rebellious and ungodly.

Q. Why do we say the Catholic Faith has to be “Apostolic”?
A. It means that all Catholics, even to this day, must possess the exact same faith of the 12 Apostles and the morals which THEY upheld and believed “as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be.” The deposit of faith is contained within the Apostles Creed and a Pope can never define a new doctrine and therefore, the Church remains Apostolic since it is governed by the successors of the Apostles (the bishops) and especially the successor of the Prince of the Apostles, St. Peter. Bro Francis Maluf, SBC, commentary on the St John Neuman Catechism audio tapes.
Q. There were 12 Apostles, but only five of them ever wrote anything, but they all taught plenty. Who were the five who ever wrote anything? And why is this significant that others taught but didn’t write?.
A. Matthew, John, James, Peter, and Jude wrote all the others did not. This is significant to show us that our religion is not just the written word (“Sola Scriptura”) but in Scripture and Catholic Tradition. 
Q. One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. If the Church destroys just one of these attributes, the Church will cease to be _______.
A. Apostolic.
Q. Anyone who has not the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost as their God has a what?” Complete the sentence.
A. a strange God in violation of the first commandment and once you belong to a strange god, you belong to a strange religion. All people who believe in evolution and the “big bang” have been seduced into believing in “strange gods”.
Q. True or False. People who believe the world was not created but came into being as a result of an explosion are not Catholic and Outside the Church.
A. True. Since the 1940’s, many people have been seduced into believing in these theories which are  ‘strange gods’. 
Q. What should we say to a person who thinks the world came into existence as a result of an explosion?
A. Ask them, “Why could not the world have come into being the way God formed it? If He is God, why did He have to wait billions and billions of years to form it?” Why could it not also have been as a result of one single movement of the mind? God is like a mind, that contemplates things there first, THEN creates it, for example, a beautiful sculpture, painting, or building — then why NOT a beautiful flower, bird, mountain or you? Do not all of these things first start in a mind?
Q. What is the “big word” for the deification of nature? (another ‘strange god’)
A. Pantheism. New Age ‘religion’ is also a ‘strange god’ as their ‘god’ is not the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost – 3 Divine Persons in ONE God known as the Catholic God. Atheism, Agnosticism, and Deism are also other forms of possessing ‘strange gods’. 
Q. What is Deism?
A. That there is a god, but he has noting to do with the world; miracles can never happen; he cannot appear; that there can be nothing to interrupt or be in contradiction to the course of nature which is the ultimate, final end in itself. Such men HAVE A ‘GOD’ but a STRANGE GOD. Thomas Jefferson was a Deist. He cut out or blotted out all the parts of the New Testament that contained miracles.
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