End Times Catechism

Q. Why are so many, many people obstinate in believing and coming into the true religion?
A. Because God deems them not worthy of the true religion and thus leaves them in their ignorance and in the state of damnation.

Q. Can we judge other people by their external behavior or works?
A. YES, absolutely! St. Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church, says we have to and that it is “essential”. If someone in the external forum is committing heresy, we must speak and in this case, you can judge him publicly AND CONDEMN HIM. For example, (i.e.) praying with Jews, Moslems, or Pagans or participating in their worship services or just entering into their places of religious worship, or even just passively being present at any non-Catholic religious services is a mortal sin against faith.

Q. Where is the True Catholic Church today?
A. Where it has always been. In loyal and faithful hearts seeking salvation and who wait for the Savior to come, which is Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Such persons stay away from the Vatican II Sect which is not Catholic but continue to keep the Pre-Vatican II true Catholic Faith of Our Fathers, who recite the Traditional Rosary every day, and who pray the True Canonized Catholic Mass of St. Pope Pius V, see Bull Quo Primum, July 14, 1575 and not the “new” 1962 Latin Mass of Freemason, John XXIII or the counterfeit and Satanic “new” “mass” of proto-antichrist “pope” Paul 6 (666 was actually his papal number). The “new mass” is a Satanic mockery of the True Canonized Liturgy of Pope St. Pius V and must be avoided at all cost if you wish to save your soul as no one can save their soul in a non-Catholic church, even if it calls itself “Catholic”.

Q. What is the consistent and universal teaching of the Catholic Church regarding membership?
A. You must be instructed and believe in the principle mysteries of our Holy Faith and you must be baptized. See Pope Pius XII’s encyclical Mystici Corporis Christi, June 29, 1943, #22: “natural water AND Faith AND remain within the bosom and unity of the body”.

Q. Why do so many people refuse to believe the Dogma ‘No Salvation Outside the Church?’
A. Because they lack the Supernatural Grace of Faith. “Yet it is our duty to (firmly) believe those things that are beyond our understanding, even if we have to die 1000 times.” St. Robert Bellarmine, The Eternal Happiness of the Saints. This dogma is fundamental, and must be firmly believed with divine and Catholic faith. It is a great mystery why only good and true Catholics go to heaven. Why am I Catholic? By the grace of God I am Catholic.

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