Novus Ordo/Parish Problems

Q. What does Novus ordo Missae mean?
A. New Order Mass, as in ‘New world order.” Get it?

Q. Who instituted it and when?
A. False sodomite ‘pope’ Paul VI in 1969.

Q. Notice how the Novus Ordo always refers to the “Eucharist” instead of what?
A. The HOLY Eucharist

Q. “What most people in the false Novus Ordo Sect want, if they be perfectly honest, is the title of _____________ without the burden of being such.”
A. Catholic.

Q. Who leads the Vatican II Sect?
A. Faithless Apostates. See Matt 15:14 “The blind lead the blind and they both fall into the pit.” One must break all ties, physical and spiritual with the Novus Ordo counterfeit ‘catholic’ sect.

Q. What is one of the main purposes of the Novus Ordo sect? (its underlying message)
A. Don’t make religion so important you are willing to die for it.

Q. In a Novus Ordo Vatican II sect/church, is Christ present?
A. No, He is not substantially present in the Holy Eucharist, which in the Novus Ordo is diabolically nothing more than an unconsecrated piece of bread as Transubstantiation does not take place.

Q. Why is the Novus Ordo ‘new’ ‘mass’ Idolatry?
A. Because idolatry includes inauthentic worship of God. The ‘New Mass’ is not a true rite of the Catholic Church but is the ‘abomination of desolation’ Jesus foretold in the Gospel of Matthew when He confirmed Daniel as an authentic prophet and told us what to look for as an end-time sign which Christ said is seeable and is knowable. It’s not going to be a big secret for His elect. To pray the true Holy Tridentine Latin Mass of Pope St. Pius V (from ie. a 1950 Mass missal) devoutly at home, without consecrating and by also letting everyone know you are not a priest, but are simply praying the prayers and taking a Spiritual Communion is not idolatry and is actually an incredibly salutary and God-pleasing thing to do in these last days of the world: “Do this in memory of me”.

Q. What is the worst form of Satanism there is today?
A. The worst form of Satanism in existence today takes place every day in your local, apostate, Novus ordo ‘catholic’ church—-the Novus ordo missae. It is far more blasphemous than anything a true Satanist could dream up because it is the liturgy of Antichrist— it is the coming together to adore Lucifer in the new religion of the one world brotherhood and may God preserve each and every one of us today for ever falling under its influence or spell.

Q. What are in the so-called Novus ordo ‘catholic’ churches today, which are placed there only to deceive the people into thinking that these buildings are still Catholic Churches?
A. The statues of the saints, a tabernacle, the water fonts, the altar rails, etc. but with no true Canonized Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and with no true priesthood, it is not a Catholic Church.

Q. True or False: Novus Ordo ‘catholic’ churches still have statues and the Stations of the Cross. This makes the Churches Catholic.
A. False. Statues of the saints, water fonts, tabernacles, candles, altar rails, crucifixes, etc,. do NOT make churches Catholic if authentic Catholicism is not being taught in that church or if that church does not say the true Canonized Holy Sacrifice of the Mass administered by a valid, non-heretical Catholic Priest. Remember, even Anglican churches have statues of saints (like St. Thomas More, the Saint of your own Conscience). Fake externals are only there to deceive the people but some of us are not fooled. We are called by Christ as ‘the elect’.

Q. According to the Freemasons, why are tabernacles today off to the side or totally missing in new Novus ordo ‘catholic’ churches?
A. Because MAN must take his rightful place— at center and push Christ out. No one shall be superior to Man (who is God)! The “people” of God; the emphasis on Man.

Q. What part of the Novus Ordo “mass” damns the Novus Ordo
A. The Offertory. Why? Because only a true Catholic Priest of God can offer Christ, in persona Christi, to His Father and not a mere layman or invalidly ordained man as in the Novus ordo sect, that is, Novus ordo ‘priests’ are not validly ordained and cannot celebrate Mass. It’s impossible and it’s Sacrilege – not treating holy things with the proper respect. Meditate on this the next time you reach the 5th joyful mystery’s virtue of “piety”.

Q. True or False: The Novus Ordo “president/presider” (NOT “Catholic PRIEST by Antipope Paul 6’s own Novus ordo definition) is there to please God?
A. False. NO! He is there to please the people, thus, for example, they will never say “abortion is against God’s will” etc. Novus Ordo ‘priests” are not ordained to give Sacrifice or to forgive sins! They are mere laymen who gullible people continue to call “priests” but they are not technically “priests” but “Presidents or Presiders” who literally preside over a communal meal and are not ordained to perform the Canonized Holy Sacrifice! And this was deliberately done to ensure your local “catholic priest” is no more a true Priest of God than your MAILMAN. So wake up.

Q. When a person goes to the Novus Ordo ‘mass’, he comes out more what?
A. self-centered.

Q. True or False: The Novus Ordo is a non-Catholic ceremony with laymen presiding.
A. True. The Novus Ordo (N.O.) is not a true rite of the Catholic Church and the “priests” are not true Catholic priests of God and are not even technically called ‘priests’ in the official promulgation of the Novus Ordo Missae, but are actually called “President-Presiders” over a “Communal Meal” and not “Sacrifice” and what’s more, they are not ordained to give sacrifice or to forgive sins.

Q. True or False: It is a deadly, mortal sin to take part in the assemblies of non-Catholics, even the assemblies of Novus Ordo ‘Catholics’ at their weddings, funerals, or wakes.
A. True. “So Venerable Brethren, it is clear why this Apostolic See has never allowed its subjects to take part in the assemblies of non-Catholics…” Pope Pius XI, Mortalium Animos (#10).

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