Stay-at-home Catholic

Q. What is the ultimate goal in life?
A. The ultimate goal in life is to accept Christ’s doctrine as well as living an absolutely correct life and dying in God’s Grace—these are the determining factors as to whether a person will go to heaven or hell. See Liberalism is a Sin by Fr. Salvany.

Q. Does God forgive a limited number of times? Has God determined the number of sins he will pardon?
A. Yes. He has also determined for each the number of sins which He will pardon; and when this number is completed, He will pardon no more.

Q. Only true Catholics today can perform true miracles like our Lord, how?A. By telling others the truth (the Holy Ghost is the Spirit of Truth), they can cure the “blind” by ‘opening up their eyes’.

“(Q) How can you quote from men who were later excommunicated for
apostasy and heresy? Doesn’t this invalidate your statements?
A. St. Thomas said, “Remember every good thing that you hear, and
consider not who said it.” That’s good advice. Consider everything that is good in this book and apply it to your life. But St. Thomas did not say “consider everything you hear and consider not who said it,” only consider “the good things,” and “only apply those to your life.”

Q. What is the key dogma for all true Catholics today?
A. The dogma of Papal Infallibility so that we can tell what Papal teachings are true and which ones break with the line of authentic Catholic teaching. (Before October 1958 = Catholic; After October 1958— IGNORE THEM ALL or you’ll be sorry, very sorry; eternally sorry).

Q. True or False: To a true Catholic, nothing happens by accident.
A. True. Not a sparrow falls without God knowing it and every hair on your head is counted.

Q. True or False: The Crusades were in response to over two (2) centuries of Islamic Aggression.
A. False. It was four centuries! (of unprovoked, merciless, and brutal murder) and incidentally, true Catholics do not fight ‘wars’, they wage CRUSADES!

Q. What did St. Thomas Aquinas say about the dogma,“No Salvation Outside the Church?”
A. “After the Incarnation,” Saint Thomas says, “all men if they wish to be saved…are bound to explicit faith in the mysteries of Christ as regards those which are observed throughout the Church and publicly proclaimed, such as the articles that refer to the Incarnation.” And again Saint Thomas says, “After the Incarnation…all men in order to be saved…are bound to explicit faith in the mystery of the Trinity.” (Summa Theol. , Part II-II, q. 2, art. 7; and idem art. 8)

We see, therefore, that explicit faith in the articles of the Creed is necessary for salvation. But is this enough? Saint Thomas teaches that it is enough only if the person is unable to know more truths explicitly, and does not deny any articles of the Faith. Id., a. 6.

On the contrary, a man who professes to hold the truths of the Faith and at the same time explicitly denies even one truth, does not have the Faith at all, and therefore cannot be saved. St. Thomas Aquinas, Op. Cit., Part II-II, qu. 5, a. 3.

This would be true in the case of a man who denied the supremacy and infallibility of the Catholic Church,  or who reject the papacy and the necessity of the Church for salvation.

For further proof that explicit belief in the Catholic Church is necessary for salvation, let us quote St. Thomas and St. Alphonsus Liguori. Saint Thomas says,

“Neither formed nor formless faith remains in a heretic who disbelieves one article of faith . . . Consequently, whoever does not adhere, as to an infallible and divine rule, to the teaching of the Church, which proceeds from the First Truth manifested in Holy Scripture, has not the habit of faith, but holds the things which are of faith otherwise than by faith.” Ibid., Ibid., in Corp.

St. Alphonsus Ligouri says that the motive for believing any truths of the Faith is

“that God, the Infallible Truth, has revealed them, and that the Church proposes them to our belief. Behold, then, how we should make an act of faith: “My God, because You, Who are the Infallible Truth, have revealed to the Church the truths of the Faith, I believe all that the Church proposes to my belief.” St. Alphonsus Liguori, Instruction on the Commandments and Sacraments, Part I, Ch. I, Sect. I “On Faith.” n. 6.

Hence, it must follow that belief in the truths which the Church proposes is impossible without belief in the Church itself. Therefore, only those who adhere to the teaching of the Church as to an infallible and divine rule can have real faith and find salvation.

Proof of the necessity of explicit belief in the Catholic Church and the acceptance of all the revealed truths proposed for belief in order to be saved is found all through the writings of the Fathers, the Doctors, and in the Councils. Let us list here a few additional statements:

St. Robert Bellarmine, S. J., Doctor of the Universal Church, says at the very beginning of his Doctrina Christiana: “We begin the exposition of the dogmas of the Faith of Christ, whose knowledge is necessary for every one who earnestly desires the salvation of his soul.” St. Robert Bellarmine, Doctrina Christiana. “Introduction.”

Pope Pius IX, whose utterances have been so pitilessly mutilated and mistranslated by the liberals of our day, says in his Allocution Singulari Quadam:

It is necessary that you inculcate this salutary teaching in the souls of those who exaggerate the power of human reason to such a point that they dare, by its power, to investigate and explain the mysteries themselves, than which nothing is more foolish, nothing more insane. Strive to call them back from such a perversity of mind, explaining indeed that nothing was granted to men by God’s Providence more excellent than the authority of the divine faith, that this faith is to us like a torch in the darkness, that it is the leader that we follow to Life, that it is absolutely necessary for salvation, since “without faith it is impossible to please God,” and “he that believeth not shall be condemned.” (Mk. 16,16). Pius IX, Singulari Quadam, Denz. 1645.

Q. How does a true Catholic read Holy Scripture?
A. Like a little child and believes everything he reads — Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark—the Tower of Babel – Just like the Holy Virgin believed and read it. It is all the same faith from Adam and Eve down to the present day.

Q. Do all men have the opportunity to act with good will and accept the true Catholic religion?
A. Yes, but the majority do not.

Q. Real Freedom requires something. What is it?
A. True Catholic Education and Virtue, for knowledge equals Truth and the more Catholic knowledge and Catholic Virtue you gain, the further you will go away from ignorance and therefore, you are more free. “My people perish for lack of knowledge” Hosea.

Q. If a person really wishes to follow the Lord Jesus, he will do what?
A. Become a pre-Vatican II Catholic and firmly believe uphold the Dogma of Faith: that ALL non-Catholics go to Hell FOREVER for there is absolutely no salvation outside God’s one true Catholic Church/Faith.

Q. In these later days of the world, how must true Catholics live?
A. As true disciples of Jesus Christ Crucified – rejecting the Spirit of the World and emphasizing the salvation of the immortal soul and not the social redemption of man.

Q. True or False. A true Catholic today doesn’t accept the false Vatican II religion or the new “Mass” (the Novus Ordo Missae=new order mass, as in new world order).
A. True.

Q. When one looks upon an American Coin and reads “In God We Trust”, or say “One Nation, under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, is that God Jesus Christ to whom it is referred?
A. NO! It is the unknown God of the Universe – Lucifer to whom the Freemasons who founded America refer. All our founding fathers were deists and Freemasons whose god is Lucifer. This is a perfect example of how all are deceived except true Catholics.

Q. Why do people find true Catholics to be sometimes antagonizing or annoying?
A. Because most all men are truly wicked on earth and do not know it. Such people actually hate Jesus Christ (the Spirit of TRUTH) and do not even know it, saying Jesus was a ‘good man’, but when they meet Him through you, remember, it is not YOU who they hate, but Christ when you try to follow Him and do what He commanded.

Q. What two (2) things is a true Catholic never allowed to do no matter how formidable a force, no matter how terrible.
A. 1) Denial of the Faith (Deny Jesus Christ) and 2) Participation, even mere presence, in a non-Catholic religious service which is a Sacrilege, for example, attendance at the Novus Ordo Missae or any non-Catholic religious service. For the Novus Ordo Missae is the prayer of heretics, and the Church teaches: “If any ecclesiastic or layman shall go into the synagogue of the Jews or the meeting-houses of the heretics to join in prayer with themlet them be deposed and deprived of communion. If any bishop or priest or deacon shall join in prayer with hereticslet him be suspended from communion.” (3rd Council of Constantinople in AD 680)

The mere presence at the prayer of heretics is a scandal, and NO where in Church teaching does one find it permitted. To the contrary, we are strictly forbidden to do such things since they are hateful to God, injurious to souls and violate our baptismal vows. No one shall pray in common with heretics and schismatics… It is not permitted to heretics to enter the house of God while they continue in heresy.” (Council of Laodicea during the 4th century, citing Canon 6)

“A person who of his own accord and knowingly helps in any manner to propagate heresy, or who communicates in sacred rites [in divines] with heretics in violation of the prohibition of Canon 1258, incurs suspicion of heresy.” (1917 Code of Canon Law, Canon 2316)

“…One may not be present at non-Catholic prayers, services or sermons either in a church or elsewhere.” (The Communication of Catholics with Schismatics by Rev. Ignatius J. Szal, A.B., J.C.L., pages 42-8, from the Catholic University of America Canon Law Series #264 printed by the Catholic University of America Press in 1948)

Q. “A truly Catholic Pope would never command you to participate in a Sacrilege. A truly Catholic Bishop would never allow such a thing in his diocese and a truly Catholic priest would never officiate at such a travesty and a true Catholic (with respect to the New Mass) would never be………”
A. Irreverent or STUPID enough to be present at such a thing and by your attendance, you are part of the conspiracy against the Catholic Church; you are not with Jesus Christ, but a traitor. “For he who is not with me is against me.” Matt 12:30.

Q. What must true Catholics do today which is critical to their salvation and to keep themselves straight?
A. They must READ! One must THINK to be Catholic.

Q. For how many years were the Nations of the World united in the one, true Catholic and Apostolic Faith?
A. 1500 years. Every nation in Europe was CATHOLIC.

Q. What is the rule about DOUBT taught in moral theology?
A.  One cannot act when in a state of doubt until the doubt is resolved. The notion that one may ignore such doubts before proceeding to act was condemned by Pope Innocent XI as heretical, (DZ 1231). While certitude can be arrived at in some cases, this is not true concerning the Sacraments. Theologians unanimously teach concerning doubt in regards to the Sacraments that no one can receive or administer the Sacraments if there is serious reason to doubt the validity of the one administering them, or the worthiness of the one receiving them. All approved moral theologians teach this in accordance with the condemnation of Molinos’ errors by Innocent XI as heretical, (DZ 1151). And as we will see, Catholics practiced observing the binding nature of such doubts long before the Church fell into the disarray we behold today.

Q. When you see calamities, which portend the end of the world increasing, how should the true Catholic react?
A. Lift up our heads and rejoice with your whole heart because the end of this world, so little loved by you, announces to you the wished-for freedom to be enjoyed by you hereafter. By faith we are convinced that there is another life and by our good works, deserve it! Pope St. Gregory the Great.

Q. As true Catholics who hold all the true and authentic Catholic positions today, why is it that others cannot understand what we do, even when we can show them and explain things to them so clearly?
A. Because they have no real faith and have permitted Lucifer to darken their minds either by original sin and/or by their actual sins and by their lack of love for truth. St Paul 2 Thessalonians (if you do not love Truth, God will punish you). This is the effect of Original Sin: 1) Darkness of Understanding; 2) Weakness of Will and 3) Strong Inclination to Evil.

Q. Did the true Catholic Church encourage rebellion and revolution? Did the true popes?
A. No. Instead, the true Church has always preached patience, docility, obedience to the law, legitimate redress, when redress was required, and always endeavored to calm …spirits and keep them back even under great and sore oppression. Rev. T.N. Burke, 1872 Sermons.

Q. Are the faithful of the Latin Rite who attend Uniate services, thus changing rites, guilty also of presuming papal dispensation?
A. They are, according to Can. 98 §3: “Nobody is allowed without permission of the Apostolic See to go over to another Rite…”

Q. Why does our blessed Lord strongly suggest the faithful stay home in these last days of the Catholic Church and not follow anyone but Himself (as always the true head of the Catholic Church) as well as all the teachings of His True Vicars from St. Peter up to 1958?
A. “For there shall arise false Christs’ and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders in so much as to deceive even the elect, if possible. Behold, I have told you beforehand. If therefore they shall say to you ‘behold he is in the desert, go ye not out: behold he is in the closet, believe it not.”

Q. True or False: ONLY those who live by the Faith can know what is happening in the World.
A. False! Only those who live by the Pre-Vatican II TRUE Catholic Faith can know what is happening in the World. Protestants cannot read prophecy properly.

Q. The ‘new mass’; is there a valid consecration? Fact: The form was altered; the matter is now questionable. Why did they change the Form of Consecration?
A. To deliberately render the Form of Consecration questionable! Does it
affect Transubstantiation? We are not allowed to know but it was deliberately changed” and Catholics are absolutely forbidden to take questionable Sacraments. (Actually, the Form is infallibly invalid and must be avoided at all costs). Best Advice for Sundays and Holy Days: Stay home and pray the true Canonized Mass prayers and the Traditional Rosary and take a spiritual communion.

Q. After the Cardinal who was first elected and accepted the Pontificate in 1958 stepped aside for whatever reason, HOW IN THE WORLD could the Cardinals vote again in the same Papal Conclave, when this was against canon law? How do prominent so called “Catholics” who knew and know there was a problem account for this?
A. They just wave their hands over it all and accept that whatever happened was fixed up before Roncalli appeared on the balcony. They can’t really explain anything except to say that the whole Catholic world accepted him peacefully. It never occurs to them that a deception took place. It is likely the cardinals knew so little canon law that they didn’t realize that they were not allowed to vote again after a pope had been elected. So, whoever it was, he was the one, not someone else that emerged from another election, which was completely illegal, not that it mattered to the cardinals, it seems.

Q. So if I believe everything you say is true, and get completely away from the false non-Catholic religion of the Diocesan Parish system, I am currently in now, including the New “catholic” church created by Man after Vatican II in 1965, WHAT THEN AM I TO DO ON SUNDAYS AND HOLY DAYS? THAT IS, HOW DO I WORSHIP THE ONE TRUE GOD?
A. You will do what true Catholics have always done: keep the one true Faith of God at home as did the Japanese for 200 years, the English during the time of Bloody Queen Elizabeth, as did the French during the French Revolution and as did the Catholic American Pioneers who went west with only their Daily Mass Missals and Rosaries. Please understand that our ordinary means of Salvation (normal Sunday Mass at our local parishes and valid Catholic (perfect) Priests of God) are gone, but God will not leave us Orphans. He has provided us with His EXTRAORDINARY MEANS of Salvation, as He always has in times of persecution. In the “good old days”, it was attacks against the body with the death of the martyrs; today, it is an attack upon the mind as the attack is much more subtle. The devil doesn’t care if you know. It’s enough that you are not in God’s one true Catholic Church and he’s got you. He doesn’t care what ‘religion’ you are in, or if you do not believe in any religion at all, as long as it is not the Pre-Vatican II Catholic Church. Also, I think you should also know, and you must never forget, that the devil hates the true Canonized Catholic Latin Mass of Pope St. Pius V and the Traditional Holy Rosary with its traditional 15 mysteries, so we should say the Rosary and the Holy Mass prayers as much as we possibly can.

Q. Where is the True Catholic Church today?
A. Where it has always been. In loyal and faithful hearts seeking salvation and who wait for the Savior to come, which is Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Q. How important is the true Catholic home/family today to society and to the world?
A. Monumental importance! “For only there remains the Holy Catholic Church, the spouse of Christ, the salt of the earth in the midst of a pagan and satanic world, rebuking thee with fearless and unchanging voice, sweetening thy polluted atmosphere with the fragrance of thy virtues, atoning for thy vices with fasts, prayer and sacrifice, else surely, thou Sodom of centuries, the Lord would consume thee with the fires of his wrath.” Rev. T.N. Burke, 1872 Sermons, The Catholic Church and the Salvation of Society.

Q. True or False: Everyone Outside the Church is in the One-World Religion of Anti-Christ, whether they know it or not.
A. True. This is the one-world religion which will have its one-world government under Lucifer.

Q. In order to have a one-world government, you need a one-world religion. Is the one world religion already here in the world?
A. YES, most definitely. It is the religion of pride and vanity and “pride” means doing anything you like as if there is not all powerful God looking at everything you do. Everyone who is not a stay at home, traditional Catholic and who hold literally to every word in the Apostles Nicean Creed as literally true, shall not enter into life.

Q. Who said: “The Church is nothing more than an assembly of the Faithful”?
A. St. Robert Bellarmine. From his book The Eternal Happiness of the Saints, p. 134. So today, when a few faithful Catholics gather at your home on Sundays to pray the rosary and to pray the Holy Mass prayers without a priest, there is the Catholic Church.

Q. Who said “Opponents of Christianity will believe anything but Christianity!”
A. G.K Chesterton, the great English journalist –Why? Because he was a master of the Truth and the defender of the normal things like family or marriage or the sanctify of normal Catholic home life and that’s why he is not taught anymore in the Public schools.

Q. What are our spiritual weapons against the devil?
A. Fasting, almsgiving, prayer (especially the prayers of the true Canonized Mass prayed at home (now often, sadly, without priests and the Traditional 15-decade Rosary and the wearing of the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel).

Q. Indulgences help clean away the ____________ that is often still on our souls even after our sins have been forgiven in confession.
A. Selfishness. Today, there are no more true priests of God in the Catholic Church. Therefore, you must have enough faith to stay home, confess your sins to God and use the Mass prayers’ Confeitors as “confession” with the promise to re-confess all sins if ever God puts you in the presence of a true Catholic priest of God.

Q. The disintegration of Rational Society started in the drift from the _______ according to G.K. Chesterton.
A. The Catholic Hearth or Fireplace in the Catholic Home and the only solution must be a drift back! Therefore, only men to whom the family is Sacred will ever have a standard by which to criticize the State.

Q. Why did G.K. Chesterton believe that woman are ‘broad and universal’ and men are ‘narrow’?
A. Because, he said, women are to remain in the universal place and teach the children—men are narrow and have to go into the world outside the home and be specialized. Woman are better than men in the work place and this is why they should not work! They must transfer these skills to their children at home and not their employer outside the home. Think about it next time you go to an airport. Who do you want to check your bags? A man or a woman?

Q. The job or ‘place’ of the man, if he be truly a man, is to be Guard and Guide of his family with Divine, God-like qualities of love and truth, who goes out into the world to specialize in something and bring home the money to support his family, but what is the woman’s place, who hates ugliness and waste?
A. The woman’s place is in the home, which is the ‘Universal Place’, according to Chesterton; they are the heart of the household, the Father is the head.

Q. Who should you marry?
A. Someone who loves God and loves the authentic, Pre-Vatican II Catholic Faith and who wants to spend the rest of their lives practicing it with you every single day at home and someone who agrees with every Catholic dogma, otherwise, stay single.

Q. I hear about many ‘Eucharistic miracles’ occurring in the Novus Ordo Mass and it is claimed they are proof of the validity of Paul VI’s new sacramental rights. What are true Catholics today to think?
A. Sometimes the objection is made that “Eucharistic miracles” in the Novus Ordo Mass prove the validity of Paul VI’s new sacramental rites (at least for Mass and ordinations). However, this objection is inadmissible for a number of reasons: Unless and until the Catholic Church rules such a phenomenon as miraculous, it is not a miracle but only an alleged miracle.

Q. What about those who condemn true popes from Pope Pius XII back to the 11 century?
A. We refer to them as the pope deniers. Hind-site is 20-20, right? Anyone can say everyone could have done a better job defending the faith. However, what  value is added to the conversation of converting people to the faith by indicting all the popes back to 1000 A.D.? This kind of analysis of the history of the Great Apostasy is not useful. Rather, it becomes a soul-endangering exercise in academia the enemy uses to lead souls into schism; those who become seduced into rejecting the infallibility of our many Great popes of the past, who if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be here. Our efforts are better spent on educating those who do not know the truth of it, rather than on writing soul-endangering PhD’s articles for those who already do.  Those sho refuse obedience to the papacy and papal decrees of past popes fall into schism and end up outside the pale of the Church. “Heresies and schisms have no other origin than that obedience is refused to the priest of God, and that men lose sight of the fact that there is one judge in the place of Christ in this world” (Epist. xii. ad Cornelium, n. 5).

Q. Doe the principle of the salvation of souls allow Traditionalists like Cekada, Thuc, Lefebvre and their gang to consecrate during an interregnum?
A. No. Traditionalists believe they know what God requires for the salvation of souls, better than God does.

Their “priests’” great concern for the salvation of souls is only an empty pretext to convince their supporters that they are truly solicitous for their spiritual welfare, when all they want is their approval and financial support. Harsh and judgmental? Not at all.
Rev. J. C. Fenton, in his “Magisterium and Jurisdiction in the Catholic Church,” (AER, June, 1954) says: “The power of jurisdiction within the Church is possessed and exercised only by those to whom our Lord has given the commission and the duty to take care of the subjects of society. The men who have been given the apostolic power are bound in conscience to employ it, and to guide and direct the faithful in the way of eternal salvation…The teaching power of the Church is inherently and essentially jurisdictional. The man who is subject to the authority of the Church has a duty before God of accepting the acts of the ecclesiastical magisterium with a sincere and genuine inward assent.”

Pivarunas is arguing beside the point. He has yet to prove that he is a member of the sacred hierarchy. He repeatedly insists that the Church’s mission — the salvation of souls — must continue forward, and he and his fellow priests and bishops must be intended to perpetuate this mission. 

These men could continue this mission as laymen if they repented of their sins and made amends, but not as clerics. By all the definitions of the Canons they are working to the destruction, not the salvation of souls.

In his 1956 address to students at the Vienna Law School, “Church Life and Church Law,” Pope Pius XII addresses the very legalism Wesselmann protests throughout his article. In this address, Pius XII wrote:  “Church law is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end. Like everything else in the Church, it is at the service of the “salus animarum” (salvation of souls) and is therefore a matter of pastoral care. It should assist in opening and smoothing ways into the hearts of men for the truth and grace of Jesus Christ…Many canons, to be sure are only protective norms, such as those which guard the Faith from decay and keep the dignity of grace and the sacraments from sacrilege. But in addition to these there are canons which are built into the very structure of the Church by Her Divine Founder and which are indeed in direct accordance with her nature. These include such forms of organization of the Mystical Body of Christ as the laws regulating the constitution of the Church and those defining the powers of the Pope and of the Bishops. Christ founded His Church not as a formless spiritual movement but as a strongly organized association.” (“The Pope Speaks,” 1956-7).

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