A Plea to the CMRI Draftee

If we maintain neutrality in these times of moral crisis, we stand to reserve for ourselves the darkest places in hell. Those in the CMRI who are yet to be converted to the Church—but who are ensnared by the devil’s deadliest trap—need those of us who have come aboard the ark of salvation.

The CMRI claims to follow the dictates of Canon Law and “obey” the decrees of past popes, but this is nothing more than smoke and mirrors concealing indefensible violations against Christ.

We must be able to see for those otherwise good men and women in their pews who are blinded and deceived.  The CMRI are really not much different than the Old Catholics, who were nothing more than Gallicanists of a different cloth. They are the new Modernists, since Modernism as described by Pope St. Pius X is the synthesis of ALL heresies. In the CMRI we see the veil of the most highly synthesized version of modernism there has ever been. That is what makes this CMRI snare of the devil SO insidious.

Those in the Novus Ord and SSPX are rookies in the fight for the faith, if there is any fight in them. The CMRI lot, on the other hand, are veterans of war. They have overcome much, and have had a scent of the trail, but they have stopped just short. They believe they have arrived at the truth and have overcome the deception of Antichrist, when all they have really done is settled in snuggly within the devil’s lair.  Their false “priests” look holy and appear pious. But so did Luther to many, and Nestorious too. The Orthodox “clergymen” seem holy, and so do the Anglicans. But for a good reason our mothers always told us not to judge a book by its cover.

Let us then listen to Mary, our spiritual mother, who breaks all heresies.

As such those crimes perpetrated by the CMRI lie are to be soundly denounced and strenuously avoided.

As our good friend Michael astutely observes, many are called and few are chosen, and that broad is the path to destruction and narrow is the way to salvation. When asked if we are saying that none who are in heresy and invincible ignorance can be saved, we answer, “God forbid that we should say so!”  See our section on Invincible Ignorance here.

If one lives and dies in such a state, they will not be saved…yet, we acknowledge, no man knows or can know what may have passed between God and the soul in his final minutes.

It is also true, we know of nothing that will justify the continuation of the CMRI (or those embracing the Novus Ordo) to remain in their errors. If some come to the true Church in spite of themselves, then they came by the graces of the Blessed Virgin who saw to it for reasons she alone knows. But, invincible ignorance will not excuse them, and neither will material heresy. If the Church does not excuse them, then neither can we.

Schismatic are those who while claiming to remain a Christian, refuse to recognize the authority of the Pope, or to communicate with the faithful who are subject to him, (Can. 1325).

In these latter days, since the Vatican Council, schism seems invariably to lead to the rejection of papal infallibility, and the pride  of such men does not permit them to submit.

The sedevacantist followers in the CMRI claim to preserve Tradition by their use of the Latin Mass, but they not only reject the men in the Chair of Peter since 1958, but they also reject the ones who came before then.

They preserve the Gallicanist tradition of lay superiority to the pope. They secretly cooperate with the SSPX (see the video on our channel) and so also, therefore, the Novus Ordo. And we know they are embraced by the Novus Ordo as well. Go figure. Their false pretenses of piety make even the truest of remnant Catholics question themselves. We know.

The false Traditionalists, and especially the CMRI, will glory one day in their triumph of the readmittance of the full-blown Tridentine mass to the Novus Ordo, now that there are no longer any true priests left to confect the sacrament. Like the Old Catholics and Jansenists and others who refused to accept the Vatican Council’s definition of infallibility and the pope’s supreme jurisdiction in the Church, they are not interested in Catholic dogma.

They are interested in themselves and their version of Tradition.  The tradition they claim does NOT align with the Tradition we claim, and the one of all true Catholics before the death of Pius XII. They may have the chapels and men in priest costumes, but we have the faith.

In the 18th century the Holy See RIGOROUSLY forbade Catholics to participate in the masses of schismatics. Today no one has a memory of it; the past is forgotten, and so it is gone to them along with all the truth that died off just over five short decades ago.  Out of sight, out of mind. As they say, what they don’t know won’t hurt them. But will it?

Hurt them it does. In days gone by priests were called sternly to task for joining in the celebration of the Mass with schismatics. Their ignorance was inexcusable, and their acts were a sacrilege which violated the true faith. And so, why should it be any different today?

Good appearances do not suffice for good will, nor true faith. Benedict XIV forbade the use of the services given by schismatics for the conferring of the sacraments; and it was always the mind of the Church that Viaticum and the reception of absolution should not be received from schismatics under any conditions, not even on the part of persons who were in danger of death.

What makes the false “priests” of the CMRI, never licitly ordained and who admit, as you say, they have NO jurisdiction—and who come from the likes of men like the sexual deviant Schuckardt and the VC2 apostate Thuc who grabbed gobs of cash from and an Archbishop title he loved more than Christ from Paul 666, while simultaneously and shamelessly celebrating the new mass to his last days? These are the honorable CMRI founders. These are the men all the pious in the CMRI chapel pews have to look up to from saving them from…from what? From the Novus Ordo. Something went terribly wrong for every little old man and woman  who drew that conclusion and fell for the sucker punch of a bunch of suckers. Perhaps it was their life of deep sin? Who knows? But we pray for them and their children.

The CMRI followers can turn a blind eye to it all as much as they want, since they have better things to do on the earth in their short time here than ensure for themselves they on the true path of salvation.

For some, a good feeling and an old rite does the trick. For others, a little more is needed. God knows none of us chose to become stay at home Catholics, because it was the easy street and we knew we’d receive lots of great companionship and kudos for making the right decision.

No, our duty is to point out the error of the CMRI as the same act of charity it is for the good Catholic to tell a practicing homosexual that his actions are sinful and that, unless he changes his life, confesses his sin and does penance, he will go to hell. That is true charity, and that is what we offer to the CMRI when we stand firmly against what they call the truth.

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