The Earth is in the center of the Universe

Novus Oro Catholic Heliocentrism Lie

What if?

What if there was a deception so wicked, you quit believing in the Bible?

Look, here’s the truth:

In the beginning God created heaven, and earth.

And the earth was void and empty,

and darkness was upon the face of the deep;

and the spirit of God moved over the waters. Genesis 1:1

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a new internet———–YouTube——- Geocentrism movement afoot.

And the prankster NASA Overlords can’t stop it.

But most Catholics, with the rest of the world, believed their great lie.  And the Novus Ordo fostered it.

And they don’t know the place or the shape of the world they live in.

Victims of a tale when only a kid

The solar system takeover bid

where the earth is but ONE in a quadrillion planets

with NO significance,

And you’re NOT significant, so they’d like you to think

They say earth whirls through space as it traverses the sun.

Indoctrination of children, true faith undone.

Collegiate PSUEDO space-age-science regression.  The big bang profession,

They thought crazy equations would make theory a fact.

But even Einstein was mason backed. He and his E=MC2 …..No longer makes sense

Satanic Hollywood movie-makers feed the lie. How could Dinosaurs have lived 250M years ago, even before the creation of the world, only 6000 years old.

Crazy equations to make theory a fact.

Remember Galileo’s foul play?

The earth is the center and stationary, and the UN flag knows it.

Why is that?

Catholics WAKE up.  God’s showing what’s true.

Put on your armor, to see something new.

To realize how special the Earth is!

And so are you!

Gregory of Nyssa: “…the earth and its surroundings are poised in the middle…”

It’s no riddle.

So Pope Urban condemned Galileo for believing “… that the sun is in the center of the world….”

Galileo’s false dreamworld

1 Chronicles: “the world stands firm, never to be moved.”

Pope Pius declared: “the literal sense of Scripture was carefully worked out under the Church’s vigilance.”

The earth does NOT revolve around the sun.

Pope Leo said “it’s impossible that God can utter that which is not true.”

Heliocentrism is WRONG

We cannot go to outer space. There’s a dome over our head. And God’s throne is above it.

We have only FAKE photos from space. Thank God for Amazing Grace.

The Holy Roman Pontiff’s spoke the infallible. But today we have no Pope. Only the abominable.

Only Stay at home Catholics are in the Church. Outside of which there is no salvation.


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