Who are the Traditionalists, false Catholics?

Traditionalism is false Catholicism. It acts differently than the Novus Ordo Vatican II conciliar church, but it is no better.

Anyone who accepts Vatican 2’s teachings and the conciliar “popes” professes communion with the conciliar church in the Vatican. This includes many churches today one might see who claim to be Catholic, and which were probably actually Catholic if they existed prior to 1958.

There are those in the “indult” groups of “Latin mass” communities which accept Francis as “pope”, including the “Priestly” Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) and “latin mass” locations listed on the Ecclesia Dei Commission listings. Then there is the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) which rejects Vatican 2 but accepts the conciliar claimants to the papacy (go figure).

There are a few notorious false “priests” who have the same views on who is pope and Vatican 2 and operate in a similar way to the SSPX or CMRI and call themselves “independent” priests. Anthony Leonardo and Jim Kosek are among this group.

Sedeprivationists believe that conciliar claimants to the papacy are “material, but not formal” popes. They believe the conciliar elections had some validity but that the person elected did not totally become pope. Sedevacantists believe that there is currently no pope. Among sedevacantists, some reject sedevacantist clergy and are called “home aloners”, as they stay at home and pray for the situation to be rectified today. Donald Sanborn is in this group.

From the above mentioned indult to sedevacantist groups mentioned, we sometimes call these “traditionalism” to refer to in a sense another group of churches distinct from the conciliar church, but which we do not consider to be the Catholic Church. DB

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