Today only Stay-at Home Catholics can go to Heaven

Consider that thou art dust, and to dust thou shalt return.

This is a sort of warning call for some.

Heaven is not a place for Novus Ordo apostate “Catholics” or traditional Latin-mass going heretics.
Today Heaven can be entered only by true Stay-at-Home Catholics.

When was the last time you heard a sermon on hell? This message may be new to you. IT is primarily for true non-mass going Catholics in the world today.
St. Thomas says that the principle pain of the damned will be to see that they have lost their souls for nothing, and that they might so easily have gained the glory of Heaven, had they chosen. Their chief grief shall be that they are damned for nothing, while they could have most easily obtained everlasting life. But everlasting life does not await the sinner Novus ordo apostate “Catholic” or traditional Latin “mass”-going heretic. That much is certain. And for those who disagree, your soul is in peril.

We are in a unique time in Church history and there is a need to state our challenges as Catholics differently than in decades past. St. Athanasius had to address Arianism and the challenges for Catholics in the 4th century differently, when 98% of the bishops and “Catholics” were heretics.

St. Pope Pius X had to address modernism differently with a mandated oath before it blossomed into the full-fledged apostasy of the Vatican II “Council.” Today we’re in the End Times and the small remnant is scattered and susceptible to new challenges that have arisen; one’s that surely a pope would address were he here with us.

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